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Develop new Electronic Health Records to Improve Efficiency & Save Money


By adopting the latest technologies such as Electronic Health Records, the healthcare industry can save more lives, cut costs, improve productivity, and help people live healthier and longer lives.

Electronic Health Records are the systematic aggregation of a patient's past ailments, presents conditions and potential diseases he/she is susceptible to. It will include all of the patient’s reports, records, surgeries, allergies, medication, prescriptions, etc.      

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Healthcare is one of the most basic needs of human life. Over the years, due to advancements in technology, there have been tremendous breakthroughs in this field which has benefited numerous patients like that of Electronic Health Records.

The degree of development or the potential of a country critically depends on the health of its general population.

Technology in Healthcare

From X-rays to genome editing, technology has paved the way for the healthcare industry to better itself and make it more accessible to the people.

The healthcare industry revolves around the diagnosis of a disease and its treatment. The treatment is only effective and useful after the right diagnosis. If that goes wrong, the procedure will do more harm than good to the patient. The doctor diagnosing the patient acts on the vital information provided by the reports and records of the patient.

Records are the foundation of treatment for a patient. This is primarily because it is necessary for the doctor to be aware of the patient’s past ailments and procedures to provide treatment quickly.

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Evolution of Storing Records

The problem with conventional records is that they're bulky and fragile. The simple solution to this is the digitization of records. Electronic health records are not only more precise, durable, and fast but are also cost-effective. For example, a digital copy of an X-ray is much less expensive than an X-ray film.

Electronic Health Records and Its Advantages

The numerous benefits of electronic health records are listed below:

a.     Thorough patient information

Usually, a patient consults different doctors for different ailments. This includes a general physician, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, etc. In each of these visits, the overall information about the patient’s health keeps increasing. An EHR software can store all this information in a single location for easy access for the doctors as well as patients.

b.    Improved efficiency

With a central system storing all the data, the documentation is more straightforward, duplication of tests doesn’t occur, and the doctor need not go through past records page by page to check for a particular piece of information.           

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c.     Cost savings

The hospitals can reduce their administrative costs as the data in the charts can be stored in the EHR and the prescriptions can be uploaded to the direct records as well. Since the records need not be stored physically, you can cut costs on maintaining a storage facility.

d.    Fewer errors

With the electronic records, the information about the patient is fed into the electronic health records software. In the conventional method, the administrative staff, the doctor, or even the chemist might write down the information in an illegible manner which might lead to severe complications for the patient in the future.

The Future of Medical Records

Switching from conventional record storage systems to EHR systems is vital in providing timely and accurate treatment to the patients. This switch may seem difficult at first but, the profits you make and the rise in overall productivity of your daily processes will be huge. It is necessary to adopt this new technology in this digital age to stay ahead of your competitors.

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