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GS1 GoScan smart device application classified as game changing technology

Award winning smart device app that hosts food and beverage data direct from manufacturers and brand owners is recognised as a revolutionary technological game changer.

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The GS1 GoScan smart device app that enables consumers to know if a food product suits their special dietary needs with a simple scan of a barcode has been acknowledged as a game changer – shifting the power to the consumer via smart device technology.

Today, consumers want trusted product information immediately and GS1 GoScan delivers just that. This revolutionary smart device app has been recognised as the way forward for industry to communicate directly to consumers rather than government regulating for more food and beverage product information on food labelling and packaging.

On Wednesday 30th October 2013, Chief Executive of the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) Gary Dawson addressed the National Press Club in Canberra on the topic, ‘Dining Boom or Bust: Challenges and Opportunities for Australia’s Food and Grocery Sector’.

“The AFGC, working with GS1 Australia, embraced a new approach in the development of the GS1 GoScan app. It enables consumers to scan a product barcode and get instant access to product information. It’s been a particular godsend for allergy sufferers, enabling the consumer to tailor alerts for particular allergens,” said Mr Dawson.

“But the application is just as relevant to traceability of ingredients, nutritional value, cultural sensitivities, even recipes. It’s a game changing technology offering a win-win for consumers, business and government. Regulators and policy makers need to be looking for these technology solutions.”

GS1 Australia’s CEO, Maria Palazzolo said, “As manufacturers and brand owners continue to list their products on our database, the GS1 GoScan application will increasingly empower Australians to make more informed food choices. Consumers are, however, becoming more frustrated by the continued absence of many leading food brands on GS1 GoScan.”

In August 2013, GS1 Australia and the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) were awarded the winners of the prestigious national Consumer iAward for GS1 GoScan in the 2013 iAwards Services Domain Category for ICT innovation as well as the winners of the VIC iAwards Merit Recipient earlier in the year.

GS1 GoScan is currently available for free download on the App Store, Samsung Apps and Google Play Store.

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About GS1 Australia
GS1 Australia is the Australian member of the global GS1 organisation that administers the global GS1 System of supply chain standards in Australia. It currently serves 22 industry sectors and supports just under 17,000 members nationally to enhance their efficiency and cost effectiveness by adopting best practice GS1 global supply chain standards. For more information visit and

About the Australian Food and Grocery Council
The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) is the leading national organisation representing Australia’s packaged food, drink and grocery manufacturing industry. The AFGC helps members drive efficiency improvements, reduce costs in the supply chain and collaborate effectively with retail trading partners. The AFGC also advocates a positive role for the food and grocery manufacturing industry in helping Australians make better diet and lifestyle choices, leading to health and wellness. For more information visit

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