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Everything you need to know about mobile backend-as-a-service

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To deliver a richer user experience, mobile app development companies leverage Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) to incorporate location services, content management and collect app performance analytics.

Let’s first dive into the definitions and literal meaning of Mobile Backend-as-a-service (MBaaS). For every mobile app developer, managing user data is quite a concern.

Whether to pick a database, a dedicated server or manage with a front-end, it’s not easy for the mobile app developers to make a choice.

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While we often refer to front-end and back-end when it comes to mobile app development and web development, it is the essence of how the app works, how it functions and react to the various clicks and taps by the users.

The backend takes care of l lth business logic, data storage and security.

It’s the server or the combination of servers that connects well to analyze, process, store and manage data. All the features and elements like user analytics, push notification, user-to-user interaction in a messaging app, app monetization through advertisements materialize at the back-end of a mobile app.

Now that you know the core concept of MBaaS, let’s dig deep into its usage in mobile app development and the various benefits it offers to the developer and the app on the whole.

How MBaaS is super charging mobile app development

To deliver a richer user experience, mobile app development companies leverage MBaaS to incorporate location services, content management and collect app performance analytics. So, the apps can be continuously improved and advanced with these backend services, thereby optimizing the customer experience and fixing each of the problems they face.

While the integration with backend and clouds services calls for having a separate API for each of the apps to be incorporated individually, technology experts came up with a cumulative solution of MBaaS that can bridge the gap between front-end elements and backend application using one API or SDK. This has greatly saved the development expenses and time needed to build the infrastructural elements.

Everything is taken care by a mobile backend-as-a-service.

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A typical MBaaS is responsible for:

  • Authenticating and authorizing users
  • Sending push notification
  • Accessing backend wither in cloud or enterprise
  • Managing app’s data on the cloud, which is otherwise not possible on the server-side
  • Providing complex integrations to perform these functions

As an app owner, it’s a must to have an overview of MBaaS, its benefits and the popular providers who offer the best-in-class platforms for a feature-rich, seamless mobile app development.

Benefits of MBaaS

How do you think are modern applications excelling? Through their intuitive UI? Yes, but that’s not the only reason. Backend services and solutions contribute equally to the performance of the app.

As the mobile apps are becoming increasingly complex with the multiple device connectivity, 80% of developer’s time is invested in back-end development.

MBaaS offers a better and efficient way to give mobile developers the ability to build faster and more secured applications.

  • A survey revealed that backend-as-a-service can save 44% dev time, with the shared APIs and thus, the overall productivity of the development process is improved. This saved time can be further utilized in enriching the UI/UX design.
  • MBaaS gives app owners the flexibility to test and analyze the advanced features for market testing. For instance, building a mobile AI solution in the app will be difficult and time-taking for a developer on their own. So, few MBaaS providers offer these services in their pay-as-you-go models, thereby reducing the upfront investments. Once the market needs are tested, these investments prove worthy.
  • Mobile app owners can launch it early or on-time as much of the backend development is presented through built-in functions in this MBaaS. A shorter development cycle results in shorter iteration testing and shorter feedback cycle.
  • For an app owner, MBaaS makes it easy and quick to gather unprecedented insights from user experience- feedback at each step and continuously improve apps with user analytics on real-time performance.

The Top MBaaS Providers

Some of the prominent names who provide us with the finest MBaaS are:


Google’s Firebase SDK is available for both Android and iOS and provides automatic real-time data synchronization, analytics, messaging, file storage, authentication services.

AWS Mobile Services

Introducing its rich set of cloud services and accompanying tools, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the first PaaS providers. With AWS, you can include logic, databases, streaming, monitoring, data warehousing, content delivery and machine learning in your app, without developing any infrastructure.

Developers can quickly integrate AWS Mobile SDK with their app.

Microsoft Azure

Reduce time-to-market with Cloud services and DevOps designed by Microsoft Azure for delivering mobile solutions. Microsoft Azure offers support for custom APIs, Git, NPIM, Android Push Notification and free SQL DB, for scalable cloud backend to the client’s mobile applications.

All things considered, both app developers and app owners can benefit from Mobile Backend-as-a-Service for mobile innovation. Rather than developing everything on their own, you can opt for a practicaland timely solution, choosing the bets from the above the list.


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