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5 Wearables Strategies that are Bound to Give you Monumental Success

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Implementing mobile app strategy for the success of wearable app development will never give you success. So, here are some strategies that are blissful to be initiated to get the utmost success.


“Science and technology revolutionize our lives, tradition and myth frame our response.”

                                                                                                                                      Arthur M. Schlesinger


It is perhaps undeniable that, Wearables have established itself to be one of the pillars of the cutting-edge technology. While they have demonstrated its capacity practically everywhere. According to Gartner, sales of the wearables are expected to augment from 275 million sales in 2016 to 477 million units by the end of 2020.

But still, some of the experts anticipated wearables market share will be able to demonstrate its ultimate beneficial effects on the regular lives of public by 2025. Does it mean that the real proliferation will be observed next decade?

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Perhaps no, make sure that you understand that they are as eligible to collect all kind of data for instance how you slept last night, how calories are burnt with the exercises etc. But despite the introduction of all these devices, it is a matter of mode of interaction that is quite difficult to penetrate 100%.

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So, instead of demotivating, it is rather high-time to chalk out some robust strategies in order to make your wearables app success.

  • Understand the competitor’s strategy

First, it is the next toughest part to identify who your ultimate competitor is, then try to figure out if you were not a part of this market, then who would have supplied your potential customer. After the competitors are identified, then comes the part of strategy to edge them.

In order to gain deep insights of competitor’s strategy, there are some areas without which discovering the competitor’s strategy would be the next toughest challenge and certainly can pose some serious threats to your wearable app.

  • Unable to identify the right skill to withstand the intense competition
  • Comprehensive market research
  • Unable to identify the best areas for user experience.
  • Strategies spinning around partnership and asset acquisition.

These are some of the key criteria which can elucidate a clear idea about the competitor’s strategy and can reduce the probability of knocking you out of the opportunities.

  • Take steps to expand the value proposition

While you are dedicating to create more-compelling user experience, initiate new opportunities to enhance personalisation, to deliver value to the new users. According to Gartner, Biometric authentication, Mobile health monitoring, Energy boosting using harvesting, Virtual Personal assistants (VPAs) and Smart Coaching are top 5 technologies and capabilities that are expected to be on top of the chart in the wearable technologies.

Hence in order to penetrate the highly competitive market, it is pretty much significant to strategize the value expansion by rendering the most useful cases.

  • Encourage social behaviour

Reckoning the fact that humans are social animals. Perhaps, Social media integration can be easily accommodated in mobile app development unlike wearables. But mind it, incorporating social behaviour like group affliction can improve the longevity of the apps. While keeping this concept into mind, it is quite important to strategize how social behaviour can be integrated into the digital utility delivered to its users. Like social media interaction is something beyond the usual functionality hence micro interactions can somehow win the heart at the primary level. According to Rgbsocial, it looks for the circumstantial content and auto-publish to get the recent updates. Here, voice recognition is expected to go far beyond the superfluous feature with further enhancement of utility.

  • Chalk out strategy to reconsider the workforce and workflow

Also, this has something an indirect impact, but really it will have an influence on costs and enhance quality of the final product. This technology looks for adjustment for workforce and workflow according to the graphical presentation of demand and supply. At the end of the result, you will be recruiting on the basis of advancement of technology. According to Forbes, in order to create wearable technology innovations in healthcare, then physicians practising must possess licences in order to extend their actionable insights.  

  • Prioritise privacy

Privacy has been a matter of concern ever since IoTs have come into existence. The main argument given by Scott Peppet, a professor at the University of Colorado Law School that many of the small, lightweight mass-produced devices that is entirely comprised of Iot are not contributing to the robust security protections.

With the help of use cases, privacy must be strived since the apps are dealing with some data which are very confidential. Build the strategy, considering that it is least perforated by other wearable app development companies.

Summing up!

Now that it has been declared by one of the pillar, it would be an intelligent step to chalk out the strategies understanding the target audience, because aforesaid it is next to impossible to pass through the entire audience. Like, you dedicate proper marketing strategy to make your mobile app successful, analogously your wearable app also looks for robust marketing strategy in order to encourage your million dollar idea.

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