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Get improved google assistant with the new Android oreo

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We all know very well that Google has just officially launched Android 8.0 Oreo. And we get all news related to Android Oreo in all major site. There are lots of new and updated features are available with Android 8. And here we are discussing about one of them i.e. Google Assistant.

The official rollout of Android 8.0 Oreo Make an Inquiry about this news was announced on Monday. Starting from picture-in-picture to Autofill, integrated Instant Apps, Google Play Protect, faster boot time, notification dots, system optimization, background limits, Auto sizing text view, Fonts in XML, Downloadable fonts and emoji, Adaptive icons, shortcut pinning, web view enhancements, Java 8 language APIs and runtime optimizations, Oreo brings us a tons of such intuitive features.

Some are the quality of life improvements, others are features we’ve been asking for, and then there are some that make you wonder what took them so long to add to Android.

A new feature that we will be emphasizing in the post is non-other than the ability for Android Oreo applications to launch Google Assistant directly from within the application.

This feature provides better integration between Google Assistant and third-party apps that are specially built for Android 8.0 Oreo.

Over the past few years, Google assistant has quickly grown to be one of the best markets currently has to offer. No matter how biased it might sound, but in comparison to Siri or Alexa, Google has won the battle in many key areas.

Although it currently excels at contextual commands, ongoing conversations, and online searches, still it lacks in talking to third party integration.


Thankfully, with the launch of Android 8.0, Google assistant gets better when it comes to integrating with the third party apps. It can never be denied, how Google is doing a lot of work to expand the functionality of their virtual assistant within and outside of Android.

As far as smartphones go, Google Assistant is generally considered the best option available. In fact, the company has done a lot of hard work in order to get the app to the level at the Amazon’s Alexa.

With the release of Oreo, applications are now able to launch Google Assistant directly from within the application. This means just like we can launch Google Assistant with a long press of the home button or even with a hot word, 3rd-party applications will be able to do this from within the application itself.

Android 8.0 Oreo launched with a lot of big changes that were noticeable right off the bat. Apps that support 8.0 Oreo will be able to open and run the Google Assistant within them.

Google Assistant is not only a virtual assistant that is benefitted with the launch of this new version. I mean Android allows one to choose which assistant you would like to be your default one, so one can see third-party apps offer integration not only for Google assistant but also for Cortana, Alexa, Hound and so more.

Now what isn’t clear at the moment is what kinds of activities developers will be able to use Google Assistant for. Presumably, Google may end up providing a predefined set of possibilities which would make sense for several android app development companies Make an Inquiry about this news to have a wide variety of potential actions that they could integrate with their apps to make them more intuitive and giving some value to the end user.

Apart from this, the fact that Google seems to be opening new activity up to other digital assistants might also suggest that Google really wants developers to make use of the functionality, though it will surely bolster assistant too. Lastly, if you are using Google Assistant on a daily basis, just make sure to keep an eye out for new integration from your favorite apps, as the functionality may show up sooner rather than later.

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