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Incorporating GIF in digital marketing strategy can even go wrong: 5 scenarios?

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GIF is one of the next big thing and when it comes to digital marketing strategy, then it has been regarded as the top-notch digital marketing strategy. There are plethoras of advantages that these GIFs offer.

To be on the same wavelength, it must easily accommodate casual acquaintances. But while dealing with digital marketing strategy and adding GIF as one of the ingredients can somehow go wrong in some situations.

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Currently, working in Mobile app Development technology and we can’t rely on GIF 100%. It’s not that we doubt on the technology, but there are some features of suitability which can ruin the million dollar strategy within a couple of moments.

Situation1: GIF couldn’t define target market properly

While you are prioritising GIF in order to promote digital marketing, it is quite indispensable to understand the potential target audience. Although considering the target market audience is taken into consideration during the planning phase.

It is equally applicable in case of GIF. For instance, you are dealing with taxi app but have created GIF on “steps to make your cheeks rosy” would not cater anything to your target audience.

So, it is quite essential to chalk out strategy in order to define the target market so that ultimate motive to enhance user engagement will be determined.

Situation 2: Analytics not integrated properly

Visualisation is the main purpose of GIF in order to present the types of data irrespective whether big or small. With the integration of analytics, it not only helps to discover more of the customers but marketing’s worth as well.

So, without incorporating analytics the ultimate essence of GIF cannot be fulfilled.

Situation3: Disappointing social media strategy

Since GIF is incorporated into digital marketing strategy as it bears high-degree of entertainment. But to get the best out of GIF relies on the imagination part of the creator and social media strategy.

Although GIF is included o boost the social media strategy, analogously social media strategy boosts the creation of GIF.

GIF which is a symbolic of latest trend can only be deployed with robust social media strategy. For instance GIF is hooked with Tweet, evaluating the effectiveness depends upon the action-oriented post.

So creating instructional content will certainly not fulfil the motive until and unless a proper social media strategy is built.

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Situation 4: Lack of content management

GIF has truly surpassed the impact created by images and videos. Since it has enabled the stat charts and data visualization at the utmost level, it is quite essential to elevate the quality of content in order to make GIF a long lasting impact.

What makes to retain the audience’s attention?

Yes, it is digestible nature of the content that will make an impact within millions of GIFs created on a regular basis. Without proper content management, your GIF is more likely dumped into the trash where million dollar idea will be as equivalent to nil.

Situation5: Unaware about disadvantages

Creating a comprehensive strategy without knowing its loopholes is as similar to hitting the space with ambiguity. There are various disadvantages which looks for square-built strategies so that it does not prove obstacle in the functioning of any strategy.


  1. While animated figure may not be compelling as compared to other image files, this is due to the fact that it is capable to use colour palette of only 256 colours.
  2. It may end up pixel appearance which reduces the quality while animated.
  3. Editing is not something impossible after getting it right in action. So minor adjustments is something impossible to create after GIF is developed.
  4. Speed of internet connectivity emphasizes a lot as the files are quite small and must run at the uniform speed while the sequence of images has been coded.  In case, the connection fails to function properly, the images will be unable to load right away and will be landed on a deteriorate version of that file.
  5. If GIFs are not uploaded in a correct manner, it may give an unprofessional look.

Wrapping Up:

Although the benefits of GIFs surpass the disadvantages but what would happen if they are not uploaded in a proper manner. Then the top notch tools of digital marketing strategy will be left only for spiritual worth.

So, relying on 100% GIFs will not cater to your ultimate goal. Neglecting other digital marketing campaigns is one of the other blunders that will further intensify the misapprehension.

So, it is equally important to evaluate results so that you do not left afloat even after spending thousands of bucks.

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