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Hey businesses! Do not your app let be the victim of these sins

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Users don’t hesitate to uninstall the app that continuously keeps crashing. They cannot be forced for using it even if it contains highly useful features. Mobile app developers know this truth. They know that how bugs in their apps frustrate users who then install these apps and forget about them. Believe it or not, users would hardly think again about an app they uninstalled because it was crashing or draining too much battery power.

In spite of knowing the key cause forcing apps to underperform, many app developers do not realize where they are lacking and continue doing the same error in every app they build. 



When a good app, targeted to solve issues and problems, published on app sores, users download it, but when the app itself turns out to be an issue or problem and start crashing or freezing the middle of a process, it become a menace for users. As the next step, they uninstall the app without thinking anything about its worth.

This then leads them to write negative reviews and give low start rating and gradually, the app is pushed back as an unsuccessful app.  This will happen if the developers of the app don’t do anything to the problem faced by users.

Here are the three things that developers do with their app and at the end of the day meet with failure.

Depending Too Much On Emulators

Many mobile app  developers Make an Inquiry about this news are seen depending only on emulators for the testing of apps. Relying on emulator isn’t a bad practice but relying completely on them is certainly a bad do. When developers overly use emulators, they fail to get information related to network, bandwidth, connectivity issues and in result, they also miss information related to performance, quality and user experience.

But this glitch can be overcome if developers identify the issues that occur when they test an app in emulators and then, they test it in real devices. Yes, it’s going to be a lot more work because developers would need dealing high-fragmentation; however, with almost a decade of evolution in mobile app development technology, they have learned to crack this nut, too.

Neglecting Users’ Geographical Location

Another big misstep taken by developers is to not consider geographical location of users. Users come from diverse geographical locations where they use their smartphones with specific bandwidth to access the internet. This is why you need to make a proper scheme on geographical diversity of your targeted users. Try to cover almost all range of geographical locations.

Focusing only on UI

No doubt every user first interacts with the UI. The more it’s attractive, the tighter it will glue users to the app. This may lead many developers to keep major focus on UI; however, UI in an app isn’t everything. A mobile app is made of several APIs and, developers need to check whether the app is delivering desired response or not. Also check how tightly there is the integration of backend with frontend. An app is also required to be tested on different networks to minimize the chances of the poor performance.


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