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Benefits of paperless facilities inspections using mobile technology

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The inspection and regular maintenance of facilities requires paperwork that goes through the process of data gathering or compilation, encoding, analysis, corrective actions and reporting

The process of inspection and regular maintenance requires paperwork that goes through the process of data gathering/compilation, encoding, analysis, corrective actions and reporting.  By the time a call to action’s made, business operations are already compromised by deficiencies issues.

That scenario has changed as paperless facilities inspection becomes the standard across the industry where regular/periodical inspection and maintenance are necessary. 

Digital inspection and mobile technology bridged the time gap between inspection, preventative maintenance , corrective actions and reporting.

Mobile solutions and apps are now available to accommodate different inspection parameters, with real time data and visuals with the use of smartphones/tablets.

Some of the benefits of paperless/digital facilities inspections and mobile technology:

  • Mobility - digital facilities inspections keeps inspectors /technicians mobile, covering more ground and project sites as it takes less time to fill out digital forms, take necessary visual verification. Because these forms are available on smartphones/tablets, makes it easier to access, share and send out just about anywhere.
  • Real Time Reporting – digital inspection hits more birds with one stone as reporting happens in real time. Mobile applications send the data to management as its happening, cutting down time on data gathering/compilation, encoding, analysis and reporting through channels. It is easier to access previous data/reports for further verification. Paperless facilities inspection deems it unnecessary to go through channels but rather opens up the route of communication wherein all stakeholders  have access to the information in real time.

Digital inspection creates a proactive environment for facilities maintenance and compliance to existing standards as it becomes more engaging to. Real time activities need real time solutions; paperless facilities inspection solutions provide the technology to achieve this.

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