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Why you should be excited about Android instant apps’ new SDK?

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For a detailed information about the latest Android instant apps SDK, read this blog shared by android developers.

Various new features and updates have unveiled in the Android market after Google I/O 2017. However, one that received a huge traction, besides the introduction of Android Oreo, is Android Instant Apps.

As depicted by the name, these apps provide you an instant access to the functionality of the applications without installing them into your phone devices. In other words, it allows you to use a mobile app without compromising with your data and memory space.


The concept has completely taken over the market, pleasing the users complaining about their data usage and developers finding hard to build such apps. If you are an android app development service provider and have been waiting long for trying your hand on this technology, get excited as the Instant apps SDK 1.1 has rolled out.

What’s New in Android Instant apps SDK update?

According to the top Android app development companies Make an Inquiry about this news, the newly updated SDK has come up with various enticing features like improved NDK support, configuration APKs for binary size reduction along with a new API to manage the user’s context when they move from an instant app to the installed application.

  • Introduction to the Configuration APKs: As per our experts, a great instant app experience is possible only when the app binaries are lean and well structured. Hence, the configuration APKs are introduced. These configuration APKs enable the developers to separate device-specific resources and native libraries into independent APKs and this way, allows an application to load only the resources and native libraries applicable to the user’s device. And thereafter, reduce the total size of the instant application on the device.

According to a source, the Google has supported the configuration APKs for CPU architecture (ABI), display density and language. With this, the size of the binaries loaded will cut down by 10%.

“Savings for a particular mobile app relies on the number of resource files and native libraries that can be configured.”

For an instance, if a mobile user has an ARM device with LDPI screen density and Chinese as the language, then he will receive device-agnostic code and resources, and only those configuration APKs will come into play that has ARM native libraries, the Chinese language, and the LDPI resources. The user will not get all the other configuration APKs like the x86 libraries, HDPI density, and Spanish language strings.

  • Consistent user context after installation: Before, the internal storage of the instant version of the application is directly available to the installed app version only in the case of Android Oreo. However, with the advent of this SDK, this functionality will be available on older Android versions, such as Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat.

“To extract the internal storage of the Android instant apps, installed mobile applications can call InstantAppsClient.getInstantAppData() Make an Inquiry about this news employing the Instant Apps Google Play Services API. And this way, get an access to the ZIP file containing the instant app’s internal storage.” It’s time to Build Your Own Instant App!

Building your own android instant app is a ‘win-win’ game. It will enable the businesses as well as developers to retain more users and thus, earn higher profits.

If you are curious to know what kind of perks it can return, have a look at the following reports:-

  •, a leading online real estate agency admitted that their leads per property increased by 2x since they have launched their instant app in May 2017.
  • Dotloop saw a 62% of increase in user engagement since they launched its android instant application in May 2017.

Excited now? If so, then get ready to enjoy a pool of benefits. For this, you just need to open the SDK manager in Android Studio and update your Android Instant Apps Development Make an Inquiry about this news SDK to 1.1.0.

And if you do not have much knowledge about this, reach to experienced Android developers like ours!

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