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5 game changing events to trigger in the realm of virtual reality in 2018

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Virtual Reality perhaps established itself to be the one of the charismatic trends from the year 2015 but the concept has beginning that has preceded ages than the concept actually coined and formalised.

Various key pioneers has extensively paved the way of virtual reality interacts. Starting the chronicle from panoramic painting, Stereoscopic photos, till the concept actually prevailing in 21st Century has demonstrated monumental progresses.

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While the concept of virtual reality games actually substantiated, it somehow restricted to the concept to the realm of gaming in the beginning, but broadly envisioning virtual reality trends in 2017, it has already witnessed its existence in every possible realm be it private or commercial which has made a legitimate move according to some of the early adopters like Mark Zuckerberg:

“One day, we believe this kind of immersive, augmented reality will become a part of daily life for billions of people”.

But every technology has its own fortune, so we are trying hard to find some expected game changing events that are more likely to make its fortune vivid in the year 2018.

  • Apple is Thinking Something Big
    Apple has been perhaps exploring virtual reality and augmented reality for more than 10 years and expected a splashing around in order to actualise the an addition of virtual reality device which is not-too distant future. According to macrumours, Apple is expected to be developing a set of “smart glasses” in order to connect to the iPhone wirelessly. Like Apple Watch, it is predicted to show something beyond augmented reality and is expected to be launched at the beginning of the year 2018.
  • Facebook Planning Wireless Headset
    Another game changing event is expected the introduction of Standalone Oculus virtual Reality headset to be unveil later this year. Although some of the reliable source is expecting it to be shipped in 2018. The headset which is predicted to be working on the distinct headset which will be able to run without a tethered PC or smartphone.

With the immense dream of Facebook to transform Oculus Rift virtual reality headset into expansive mass phenomenon. Facebook is expected to proceed the way Apple has popularised its iPhone with the ultimate motive to bridge the gap between cheap headsets and high-end gaming rigs. 

  • Google’s Postulation on Google Devices
    According to Sunder Pichai, eleven phones are expected to support Google’s Daydream Virtual Reality. Although last year Google has come up with Daydream View VR headset which has unleashed Google Cardbook which could sync with Google Pixel, and Pixel XL which proved that only fistful of android phones turned out to be compatible.

While Google has worked to add up the Daydream-ready phone in order to make VR into reality and is expected more additions into the family of Daydream ready phones.

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  • Unleashing Mixed Reality by Microsoft in 2018
    According to theverge, Microsoft has unveiled preorder for its new range of Window Mixed reality development Kits. At the event of GDC, Microsoft has revealed some of its future plans to extend mixed reality platform. Although the headsets are strictly attached to PC right now which will more likely to sync xbox One Family of devices including Project Scorpio expected to come in 2018.
  • VR based MMORPG is Expected to Spark 

MMORPGs or Massive multiplayer online role playing games considered to be the sub-genre of gaming that enables the multiple players to get connected with semi open or large open world together through the internet. Hopefully, the game is expected to give ground-off experience.

This is expected to transform the developers into more creative in order to bring something beyond flat 2D window.

Summing up!
Virtual Reality has certainly transformed the way people interact and so with the mobile apps. These game-changing events must be an alarming tone for mobile app development companies to bring optimum utilisation of virtual reality so that they can be easily synced over the new debuts and widen the scope further.

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