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Take a giant step towards the future of wearable technology

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The year 2017 is gradually nearing its end signaling the need to begin preparations to face the challenges lined up for the forthcoming year. 2017 has already proved to be most happening especially for the mobile app development companies in terms of new applications and innovative technologies, which in turn, offered venues to explore.

There has been quite a significantly long list of inventions gifted by this year and wearable technologies along with smartwatches are few notable amongst them. Android app developments companies indulged in hand on combat with the iOS ones to design applications befitting the particular genre.

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Now the question is whether there is a possibility of such technology making a major impact in the forthcoming year or is likely to phase out? Response to such a question necessitates understanding the different aspects of wearable technology anticipated to be trending in 2018.

Let’s find out what are the wearable technology trends we can expect for the New Year??

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 Improved operating systems- The mobile technology is a highly volatile market that requires daily updates to keep up with the ongoing market trends. Google, Apple, Samsung and few of the other key players in the mobile app development market did realize the fact soon enough to design more user-friendly smartwatches, updating the operating system to offer something new.

Besides the custom mobile application development companies, watchmakers such as Swatch and Tag Heuer have displayed interest in designing their very own smartwatch operating system. Swatch focuses more on expanding battery life, something that most of the other watches lack.

We are likely to expect the further enhancement in the forthcoming versions of the smart watch or wearable operating system.

 Accurate GPS tracking- GPS technology is reaching out to the users more and more being technically more advanced than before. Wearables and smartwatches will gradually emerge as the most dependent gadgets for GPS enabled tracking system, potential enough to offer advanced high-end services to the users.

Quite likely the developers are going to design more applications for these gadgets in the near future.

 Standalone device- Wearable manufacturers and mobile developers aim at designing such wearable gadgets that can function seamlessly without any integration with the mobile device. The aim is more towards creating a tether-free reliable smartwatch which is capable of performing tasks without having to pair up with the smartphones.

 Penetrating more sectors- Wearable technology is going beyond smartwatches and fitness tracking bands to entering the garment sector with smart wears. They are expected to cater enterprise productivity enhancement and seamless convenience and transportation apart from merely tracking users’ health and fitness.

More so rings and necklaces are likely to get molded with wearable technology sometime in the distant future.

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Time to wrap up

The year ahead is as promising as it was the year going by. Mobile technology is rapidly expanding and the mobile application development companies are struggling to lay their hands on the new inventions that are coming up, also realizing the imperativeness to invest in sectors beyond the core mobile applications.

Wearables are one such gift of modern technology that has a promising future, not at all restricted to wristbands and trackers. There have been gossips going around about a possibility of smart clothing making way into our wardrobes soon enough.

The tech giants are on a constant hunt for new loops that can be explored and this sector has unlimited offers in its kitty yet to be revealed.

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The top-rated mobile application companies have the lot of positive sides to look forward to as more and more secondary uses emerge that are way more fascinating than mere mobile application development service.

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