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Evaluating taxi booking app vitals to cater both the passenger and driver’s interest

Mobile Application Press Release

‘It is always the early bird that catches the worm’, and Taxi booking application such as UBER, OLA, Lyft and few others have realized it long ago penetrating the market when this segment was gradually gaining attention from the users as well as the mobile application development companies.

 This new sector has opened up an ocean of opportunities even for the individual cab drivers as well as those who are looking for options to earn quick cash from such apps. UBER has proved to be a successful billion-dollar startup worldwide followed by OLA.

The latter is fast capturing the Indian market offering profitable schemes to its consumers which, in turn, generates great competitive pressure on its major competitors in the market. With reference to the colossal success of UBER, the budding mobile app developers strategize to design apps like UBER to enjoy the fruits of such a profitable market segment.

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Yet, the entire development process for Taxi application is not that simple. There are few factors that must be kept in mind.

Another important factor is the UI of such application differs in accordance with the rider and the driver’s requirements.

Let’s figure out the must-have taxi booking application features from the passenger’s point of view

 A dialogue box with Login and Registration- This the most preliminary part of any application wherein to gain access to it requires registration for a beginner through email ids or social media platform. Other details such as banking and card details must be included for making payments.

 Platform to feed booking details- To avail the service of the taxi booking application, it is important to feed in details pertaining to the journey along with the fixed destination into a booking interface page.

 Total fare estimation- On feeding the app with the details pertaining to the destination, the application interface must generate fare estimation for the complete journey.

 Selecting cab type and preferred cab driver- The passenger application must give two options such as selecting the choicest vehicle as well as the cab driver based on their profile and previous journey experience to choose from.

 Dial the driver- There must be an option to ring the driver to confirm his location and the time within which he can come to pick him up.

 Payment gateway- The application must have a proper payment gateway incorporated into the mobile application development framework to facilitate the cashless transaction through e-wallets and online banking. The passenger is offered an automatic payment slip and the invoice is emailed later.

 Rate the driver- Rating the ride or reviewing the driver right on the application must be arranged for since passengers have become smart enough to check the reviews and then book the cab.

 Booking history- The application must store detailed records of previous rides to refer back to either for the destination address or the fare per ride.

 GPS enabled tracking- The application must have GPS enabled tracking device incorporated into the application that is capable of texting the passenger's location to chosen contacts listed on his/her device to aid them in locating the cab in case of emergencies.

It is time to consider the main points to include into the application designed for the drivers

 Update driver profile- Similar to the passenger’s application, the driver’s one also must offer an interface to feed in their updated profile, status, personal details and license number.

 Alert messages- This aids in alerting the driver as soon as any nearby rider books his cab via text alert.

 Connected with app navigation- This application has navigation app such as Google Map incorporated into it to aid the driver in reaching the specified destination in a shortest possible time.

 Display ride fare estimation- The driver’s part of the application must also give fare estimation per ride along with any discount coupons for the benefit of the rider.

 Option to share a cab- Cab sharing facility is offered to allow passengers to share the ride and the fare of the same with the others. The option can also be included in the passenger’s application as well.

 Dial the rider- The cab driver must also have the option to dial the rider to confirm his current location, also the exact destination location too before commencing the ride.

Time to wrap up

What with the option to share cabs and increased promotion on cutting down traffic congestion and air pollution, more and wiser riders are zeroing down on booking cab services from either of the popular cab booking applications. They are fast replacing private vehicles, private taxis and other public transports other than metro railways as the most predominant mode of convenience instantly available at your fingertips.

Availing the taxi and logistic app service of a dedicated mobile app developer hired caters to all the mentioned requirements and converts the entire app development process into an enjoyable one.

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