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Bring an edge to earn passive income - top 10 mobile apps

Mobile Application Press Release

Revolution is just like an old school which is mandatory to lead a smootherlife. But the way mobile apps have brought a sea change, it has simply been out of the blue. I can bet that there are various uses of mobile applications that you guys are still away from perception.

Few people are sceptical about the concept of mobile app development Services. They consider apps to be something that are next to time and money wastage.

When I came across, I thought it to be some sort of bizarre, but it has struck me with wonder after considering the fact that there are mobile apps that can lead an addition to the passive income.

Some people take this income as gambling, but maximum of the apps have eliminated the risk factor.

It has entirely transformed the way of earning money. These apps are available on both Android and iOS devices.

Although these apps are subjected to some denial as personal data are needed to be submitted. But the way they are emerging with impenetrable security system, chances of getting data compromised are next to nil.

Here are top 10 killer apps that can completely alter the idea of earning money:

Letgo- “Amazing deals few taps away”

You are probably not surviving in those days when you were supposed to do backbreaking job to earn some additional. Money after exchanging possessions was really meagre.

With some of mobile apps like Letgo which has been one of the fastest growing mobile marketplace where some of the best deals can be found on just a go.

What really makes it distinct is its cutting-edge image recognition incorporated with artificial intelligence to auto-title and seamlessly categorize second hand items. There are videos available to help you to get the best deal for something very specific.

InboxDollars– “Earning money is as easy as watching TV, taking surveys and Shopping & Cash”

This app would make to earn money, you just need to give feedback on variety of topics. What really matters your opinion and you will be paid after the completion.

You can earn from cash games and can compete against other for some amazing cash prizes. This earning is available on watching some of their TV Channels.

What could be more amazing than be paid for just reading email, there are relevant videos that evidenced that InboxDollars delivered some of the reliable earning opportunities.

Pact- “Stay fit for the sake of earning cash”

The way artificial intelligence is praising the human intelligence, it can concluded that some business ideas are considered for the human welfare.

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I am not here to praise mobile apps or prove whether its boon or bane for human growth. But there is no harm to increase your fitness level or proper weight management in return for good cash earning.

They are connected with some of the reliable mobile apps RunKeeper, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal. For more information, there are relevant videos.

Foap-“Money in exchange of your snaps”
Just upload your photo collection and grab the opportunity to be a part of the growing community of photographers. They are connected with some of the brands like Bank of America, Nivea, Pepsi and many more.

It even enables you to create your own portfolio and easy cash-outs integrated with PayPal. Have a look at video to discover way to make money online through selling snaps.

Trim-“Keep a close eye on your extravagant”
This passive income is not taken seriously. But earning additional is not synonymous that you spend profusely.

Trim is a mobile app that automates way to save money while analysing accounts in order to identify recurring subscriptions and recognize all those areas where you can save more money. It not only identifies cashback deals, but cancels unwanted subscriptions.

It also negotiates with internet bill and also activate some amazing cash back deals.

It flags for Price Protection opportunities in order to keep a close eye on Amazon purchases.

Bitwalking: “Hit your Goal in return for some cash”
An advanced way to participate in the health conscious community which can generate money simultaneously. Each step would fetch some value and has created another edge of human welfare.

So, a better option in case you are vulnerable to get diverted from your New Year Resolution.

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Bookscouter: “Resale your books at best price”
Books never get obsolete, but why settling dust who are really in-need of that book. This concept is perhaps not new, but settling the deal at best price is indeed! It enables to give comparative prices by book vendors.

Just pick the best vendors who offers the best price and simply declutter your space.

Decluttr: “Trade away CDs, DVDs and Game to make extra money”
Selling away CDs, DVDs and Game are as simple as cleaning your room. You just need your camera to scan all the unwanted CDs, DVDs and Games.

Just select to grab the instant opportunity, click to complete and ship the items at free of cost and get paid in the next business day.

Airbnb-“if you have space, why not rent away”
This is indeed a million dollar idea to leverage sharing economy. If you have space in your house, then why not rent away.

Airbnb has come with its peer-to-peer short term rental service and has come up with some opportunities which were not possible past few years. If you are capable to take the risks, then you are capable to earn more than your sustenance.

TaskRabbit-“Cash in by extendinghelping hands for chores”
More often people who can participate to do chores are criticized. ButTaskRabbit has come with an idea where it connects with the people that in need of help like making deliveries, cleaning houses or taking household chores.

It acts as a middleman that can be helpful to locate jobs, connect with the potential clients and easy collecting of payment which was very difficult for independent contractors.

Wrapping up
Being a part of reputed mobile app development Company, I understood it’s the business idea that can enable people to earn additional with no involvement of gambling. Each and every features are scrutinised so that the risk factors can be obviated.

So, no more speculative way of earning money. Aforesaid mobile apps have come up with their genuine features where the vulnerabilities of getting the data compromised have been securely fixed. Try these apps and seize the opportunities to expand the budget further.

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