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Android or iOS: which works best for the enterprise application?

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And we are back to the age-old debate on whether Android beats iOS or vice versa. Opinions do vary pertaining to individual preferences.

Despite opinions favorable to Android OS, iOS operating system continue to prove its worth when it comes to iPhone application development services as well as the iPhone handsets, aptly endorsing Apple’s take on innovation. Mobile technology has gradually penetrated almost any possible sectors and business organizations take on enterprise mobility solutions pretty seriously, especially with the popularization of ‘Bring your own device’ concept in the corporate world.

The sole purpose of custom enterprise app development companies is to come up with a common podium for data storage and seamless inter-sharing of data across different segments within the company to facilitate smooth decision making enriched with fitting data. The main reason for causing serious headache is to zero down to the appropriate operating system for developing enterprise mobile application and there are more than a few factors that work in favor of either OS.

Let’s figure out those factors where iOS OS outshines Android as the most sought-after platform for designing application for the business organization.

 Open Vs Closed Source- When it comes to enterprise applications, there involves a lot of accumulation of confidential in-house data and an organization needs a secured platform for their storage. The open source nature of Android OS contributed to rapid app development but it also means minimal attention paid to tighten security making it vulnerable to cyber thefts.

iOS, on the other hand, is a closed source which is more secured yet takes more time to fix bugs.

 Android less secured and reliable- Prior mentioned, there is the major difference between iOS and Android OS as far as security is concerned. Despite the proper set of guidelines, Google continues to lax when it comes to releasing new applications in the Play store.

Wherein iOS mobile application developers have to undergo a stringent and lengthy process of app testing before their entry into the app store is granted.

 Business apps more with iOS- Android lagged in catering business-oriented applications. iOS, on the other hand, houses a number of business class supportive applications lying in its kitties such as FTPOnTheGo Pro, GoodReader, OmniFocus, Evernote, Dropbox, Scanner Pro, Grafio, and thoughts etc.

Apple is more focused on developing business-oriented applications as against Google.

 Fragmentation in Android- Android is a highly fragmented world as against iOS for the simple reason that Google does not rule the entire Android smartphone market. Google has only contributed to devising the OS, Play store and view core services wherein the actual devices are manufactured by individual companies.

Hence there exists a dozen version of operating system in use inside an organization if the enterprise application is built on Android platform, most of which even fail to accommodate the latest version of the OS. Security issues need to be worked on across a wide range of OS versions and devices.

This entire confusion can be easily avoided when it comes to iPhones.

 Compatibility and usability of iOS- This particular point can be considered as an amalgamation of the above-mentioned points. The points but have proved that despite few benefits obtained from the Android operating system, iOS has managed to reign supreme when it comes to compatibility and usability within the enterprise.

Summing Up

Ultimately the sole target of enterprise app development companies is to cater seamless sharing of information and data to facilitate proper business processes. It’s better to cut out the endless debate on whether we need iOS application development service or hire the android app developer to design business applications.

Rather it is easy to leave the decision on the workforce to make their choice on the majority basis. Still, the secured platform is essential for an organization since they run the risk of losing crucial data to competitors which can prove detrimental to the long-term existence of the company.

Hence iOS must be given preference here over Android. Rest lies entirely on individual perception.

Designing a well optimized and highly secured application for an organization, it is always advisable to avail the service of a hired mobile app developer dedicated enough to cater the long-term requirement of the company such as Fluper.

Leading among the top-rated mobile app development companies, Fluper is there to guide you through the intricacies that come with an enterprise application. Get in touch with the team to avail its service at:

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