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How far did modern technology manage to embrace the fashion world?

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Mobile technology has come a long way from being a mere mode of communication initially to a life-sustaining device in current times. You cannot even name a single industry that has managed to steer away from its iron grasp.


Mobile application development companies do not restrain from discovering new venues to explore and display their creativity in terms of mobile applications and we have the most sought after and ever glamorous Fashion world that requires its magical touch.

When we speak of fashion designing, the iconic film, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ comes to our mind. The character of Miranda Priestly gave a prejudiced definition of ‘Fashion’ stating that it is whatever a selected group of designers and critics consider or say it is.

But the character did miss out one tiny point and that is the selected groups’ judgments are nothing but an inference of some other group of fashion forecasters.

The apparel industry is huge and requires a much needed helping hand of modern technology more than any other.

Best mobile application development companies have realized that this sector can prove to be a lucrative one and initiated the incorporation of applications and other technology finds of recent times such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and such others.
But there are couples of questions that arise in our minds and need proper research. The first one is how can this industry benefit from the touch of modernity? And the second one is how far did modern technology manage to embrace the fashion world?

Let’s hit the questions one at a time.
Identifying future trends accurately is what defines the success of any competent fashion designer. Consider twisting the Artificial Intelligence and other related techniques to predict future trends can gain a competitive edge over others.

So, here are the benefits obtained by the fashion world from mobile apps and modern technology??

 Generate customer loyalty and upgrade their wardrobe- The mobility factor and upgraded products on sale are the two sole factors that keep users glued to the mCommerce fashion applications that identify their preference and display such items to keep their wardrobe updated whenever they need and purchase whenever they feel like.

 Scan body size accurately- One major thing that sacred most buyers away from online fashion sites is the probability of dress not matching their size. Courtesy the innovative mobile developers and modern technology, this issue has been sorted.

Myntra offers a virtual trial room to figure out if the dress fits or not.

 Designers and store owners dependency on mobile apps- Mobile applications have already displayed their utilization in conducting business operations either on a large, medium or small scale and or those that concentrate on niche genres. Display your items in the world instantly.

 Social media collaboration- Social media is the digital mode of staying in touch with the global audience, other designers, and latest market trends. Its importance of mobile apps collaborated with social media cannot be ignored.

Now we hit the next question and discover the extent of mobile app technology influence on the fashion world.

Artificial Intelligence and the rest of the technology that we are speaking of in current times have existed only in futuristic Sci-Fi Hollywood films. But they are now gradually infiltrating domestic life courtesy the fast advancement in modern technology that has, however, contributed to a temporary setback for mobile applications.

Smartphones and applications have become a saturated market and if dedicated mobile app developers hired to design an application, they prefer to explore more into AI, IoT, AR and VR implementations rather than sticking to the age-old concepts. Recently the world did witness AI attempt at inventing and naming new colors by evaluating 7,700 Sherwin Williams paint swatches.

Artificial Intelligence has displayed abilities to work and research from e-commerce sites to see which products are in demand and learn consumer data to identify the most sought-after colors and fabrics based on geographies and demographics. Citing examples of fashion tech companies such as Stitch Fix prove that AI is utilized internally to collect and analyze enormous data to predict future trends for their clients.

And soon we can expect AI to work alongside designers and merchandise in aptly predicting what customers want to wear even before the customers themselves can think of. FUTURISTIC THINKING!!!

The penetration is slow but gradual and likely to get predominant in the near future.

Coming down to the conclusion part,
We can say that the fashion world is huge but highly volatile at the same time where trends change every day and to survive such a competitive environment requires an amalgamation of extensive research, human intellect and a touch of modern technology. The impact of mCommerce apps with iBeacons, Machine Learning and AI as well as AR and VR aspects in the apparel industry is humongous which contributed to offering venerable opportunities to top-rated mobile app development companies and designers such as hitting an ocean of customers enticed with the option to lay hand on biggest range of brands under a single roof.

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