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Google’s solution to road accidents is WAYMO: self driving car

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According to WHO (World Health Organization), the main cause of 1.25 million deaths worldwide in 2010 was road accidents. The road accidents have dropped our jaws every now and then with its never imagined scenarios.


The technological solution to this problem are automatic cars wherein the driver is a machine, it seemed appropriate because machines don’t drink and drive , they are efficient but Are they intelligent enough ?

A machine is a man’s creation which is already doing absolutely well in mobile app development companies so if a man wants it to avoid accidents and ride on the road as efficiently and safely as he would do with multiple instructions to be executed at a particular time. The complex system of the road with pedestrian, overtaking vehicles, two wheelers, turns, tolls, gas stations and outlets is to be explained and sorted into the machine in a programming language that it understands.

Hardware Design
The hardware is embedded with sensors which will detect the hand signals by the alongside riders and the car can slowdown itself and let the ridder make its decision of changing the lane, taking a left or continuing on the same lane. Such practical demonstrations are already undertaken by Google.

It’s not at all difficult for a layman to understand the basis of this self driving car in today’s era as most of the Individual use technology every minute in a day and control most of the day’s activities using android or iOS mobile applications. There might have been a lot of programs running in the self driving system but if you put it in simpler words.

It’s a multi-input control system where the GPS data is used to track the road map and the sensor is used to recognize a human being, animal or a thing. Using these two a pedestrian can be localized in a centimeters distance.

The camera’s which we use to pull back the car uses its stored data to see and recognize the type of an object.

Software based decision-making
The decision-making for a machine is very necessary to know which object to avoid on the road. Multiple algorithms with inputs from camera, GPS and sensors help to make the most efficient and executable decisions of object avoidance and predictions.
Google has been working on this project since 2009 and was successfully able to put its self-driving car on roads in 2016 and now Waymo is a full fledge company that manufactures self driving cars, the graphs below say it all for itself.

Source: The graph between the no. of miles driven vs the years

Future Scope for App developers
We might be able to see a self driving car replacing the automatic cars in the years to come but we still need a monitoring interface for this system. This is where the real challenge will be thrown over the mobile app developers to come up with interesting interfaces for its users.

The idea of an app controlled driver might be viral soon and increase the profits of mobile application development company.

The smartest way to use technology is to solve a problem. The problem today is road accidents which have led to the death of many and the solution to it is self driving cars.

You must be thinking if Google is so efficient with its invention why it out isn’t in the market and why are the big sharks in business field are putting an auction over it.

The self-driving cars don’t run over the map shown through the GPS system. It responds to the map of the road it has already driven before.

So far its driven 3 million miles covering four cities of USA. It is still unprepared for the strange environment.

May be mobile application developers can come up with a directing app for these self driving cars.

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