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How chatbots levitate the level of customer service

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Don’t make your valuable customers wait in long queues at customer service desk. Know it how?


Next time a customer calls your customer service desk for assistance, leave a lasting impression on him with the help of a chatbot. Try to be innovative, be open to new techniques and embrace yourself with methods of the future- only if you wish to outclass your competition and get that special praise from your customers.

According to New Voice Media, in 2015, approximately $62 billion loss in revenue was recorded due to poor customer service in the US. And 49% of people switched to a different company in order to escape the poor servicing desk of the former.

Is it that hard to serve your customers?

In this modern era of technology where bots are actively involved allowing you to experience the easier way of doing things, why do you want to serve your customers with traditional methods, especially, when you are not capable to have a dedicated team of support staff on the premises.

According to a report by Forrester, 72% businesses believe that improving customer service is their top priority. While it is not possible for small companies to deploy a dedicated team of support professionals, there is chatbot development.

A chatbot, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a powerful weapon to companies that suffer from low efficiency of customer care executives or have to deal with a number of customers that is too high for the team to handle. Here are some ways chatbots add value to improving customer service.

Human-like support

Chatbots can interact with the customers in a professional manner just like a human executive would do. The intelligence level that can be fed to these bots is just tremendous.

Your customers won’t be able to differentiate if they are involved in a conversation with a bot or a human. The conversation is superb without any non-human inconsistencies.

Personalized communication

Based on the customers’ browsing history, profile, location, behavior, purchase history, queries over service desk and preferences, personalized packages can be offered. This will not only delight your customers but will increase their user experience.

Upselling becomes easy

Chatbots are smart. They gather data during conversations, relate it to stored datasets (like customer profile, behavior and past purchases) and analyzed to produce actionable insights. This helps you to induce your customers to buy related goods or use corresponding services.

So, not only the chatbots resolve issues for which users turned up but also persuade them for a new purchase.

Entire executive level can be eliminated

With a high level of proficiency, chatbots can replace the entire executive level staff. The process can be automated, customers can be served in a better way and more customers can be served in a day than earlier.

Plus, instructions on transferring the communication thread to a manager (human) can be fed in case a novel problem arises. Because at one stage, human intervention is necessary.

Efficiency levels are raised

Efficiency level won’t degrade as the hours of the day pass as machines never get tired. The last customer will also be served with the same energy and dedication as the first one.

Customers don’t have to wait long to interact with a representative as bots will be programmed to take up a new customer as soon as they are done with the previous one, which isn’t the case otherwise. Plus, bots won’t take refreshment breaks or go out for lunch.


AI-powered chatbots get smarter through everyday learning. Once they become intelligent enough, you can deploy executives to other departments where operations can’t be completed without humans.

You’ll have plenty of money in addition to a perfectly-working customer service desk.

Final words

The trend of chatbot as a customer service rep has started to gain momentum and this is just the beginning. It will increase by leaps and bounds in the coming years.

Then, why take a back seat?

Consult a chatbot app development company for putting things right and advanced now.


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