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Feeling under the Weather?...Say Hello to m-Health

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Nobody takes their health lightly. A minor disorder with or on your body makes you jump over your toes, then how come the innovators of technology can miss on the health sector.


Advancement in medical is always a priority and sensitive field like this deserves intense research for the implementation of technology.
The apps for healthcare have taken an initiative to diagnose using technology. The health and hospital applications are a way to save time and money for both doctors and patients. The diagnoses sometimes involve case study of the patients for scope of improvement which is sometimes hindered by distance or lack of availability of the best.

This barrier is however reduced by internet which involves online clinics, video chats between the doctor and the patient and every day practices of medical care.

Let’s take a look at apps for Healthcare

• Portable blood-pressure Monitors

One in every 3 American adults suffers from high blood pressure. Regular monitoring of blood pressure with medical practices alongside gives better insides of the disease. Although portable blood-pressure monitors are there for a long time, but with fitness apps for android the wrist band keeps record of every time the blood pumps through the veins and the data is collected by the healthcare application on the phone and send to the doctor. It’s an innovator, thought which made it possible and convenient.

• App based Treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
This cause is the leading cause of death in America. It is a mental disease, which is either caused genetically or head injury and the main symptom of this disease is short term memory loss. The mobile app developers are trying to develop some recall games in order to deal with brain activities, the developers are trying to come up with an idea of using facial recognition technology for regaining the memory.

• Online Check-in
Hospitals are as busy as the airports; therefore an online check-in for easy management and comfortable appointments had to be brought on your phone to reduce waiting time. The mobile app developers are coming with an approach to handling the appointment and estimating the wait time. So that the person suffering with an emergency injury can take a first aid and stay home for a while till the doctor is free to see him.

• Management Applications
An industry cannot just be manageable with intelligence alone; the most important quality to have in order to execute the inventions is management. The applications can have you handled the case history in the database in a better way than files in the offices. The hospitals might have patients staying at the hospital for years in a hope that they might rise one day and be normal and doctors keep performing different strategies to help the patient and with a correct analysis on the data collected by the daily monitoring of the patient can actually make things improve.

• Medicare Notifications
Some people are on multiple medications and may not be able to manage the days for it but they can now with mobile app enable reminder. These applications can be used to track the intake of particular medicine and in case you miss on the tablet an alert message will appear on the screen.

To conclude

Human health is a prime concern and technology of mobile app development has started exploring the possible innovation in this sector to make the medical treatment more mobile and should reach to the most needed easily and in time. The time is the most predominating factor when it comes to health related issues. Few injuries can cure them with time but few need immediate attention.

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