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Utility of internet- give the benefit of doubt: killing.Net neutrality would be killing innovation

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The Internet is mandatory to run the day to day activity in most parts of the world and is the sixth essential need for survival after oxygen, food, water, shelter, and sleep. Android mobile applications have enabled the common man to access the basic needs without struggling much.


Just like electricity changed the way man grew to his full potential, the internet made numerous innovations possible since 90’s. The Internet is not controlled by anyone but the user’s device is and the end to end principle explains what to put a cost on, it’s either end transceiver who can charge for the services but the flow is not chargeable.

What is Net Neutrality?
The hot potato net neutrality can be defined as access to the data irrespective of the type of data or where it is coming from for everyone. According to which the internet service provider cannot slow down the streaming, the speed of the flow of data and cannot even charge money for a specific website or online content.

The violation of this principle by internet service provider has led to debate among mob in the USA. In this generation where children grew up using the internet as water, food, and electricity, the freedom to access everything over the internet is like a fundamental right for this generation.

So, Will this affect the mobile application development companies?
The effect of putting an end to net neutrality can lead to crazy market misbalance and the opportunity to grow can just be a dream for small-scale companies. Net neutrality needs to be preserved for a fair functioning of the market.

The monopoly in the market is likely to occur if net neutrality is eliminated. For example, a startup company with maximum subscribers provides the best quality product and gives competition to big companies because it is best in its game.

What big companies can do is a partner with broadband companies and tries to enforce their products to manipulate the customer.

Lack of Platform
With less expensive internet services people from all sort of financial background can approach any field without releasing the need to beg for a chance. The Internet has provided a wide platform to many who are talented and want to do something about it by showcasing talent through a video on YouTube.

Biased Services
Here again, with net neutrality out of the way, the big sharks will eat all the small fishes in the market. The priority for internet service provider will be the companies that can raise the bars during the purchase of the internet space.

For example, the videos stream at different quality levels such as 144p, 240p….720p, 1020p, higher the numeric better is the quality. Now, there might be a case that companies with more amount get to stream the best quality video and the company with less amount gets stuck with the distorted pixel at 240p.

To conclude
There is no verdict regarding the end of net neutrality yet but if the law eliminates this then it is a gain for broadband companies and a loss of a common man. The Android mobile developers might experience unpredicted change which can’t be said of right now but the consumers will definitely have to pay more to get access to the internet.The innovators were there before and they are today as well but due to easy access to the internet, they are able to showcase there work to the world and connect improvement.



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