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React native or phonegap- build apps the easy way

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Now develop your mobile apps the cross-platform way where they look and feel like native with React Native and PhoneGap. React Native is Facebook’s backed UI component library making app development easier than ever before.


Modern-day mobile app development aims to make the development process much smoother, easier and faster for both developers and business owners. To make this happen in reality, the communities of expert developers out there have changed the ruled of the app development by creating super-fast frameworks like React Native and PhoneGap.

Catering to a special category of apps, i.e. cross-platform app development, these new frameworks have made app development faster along with delivering high-performance apps.

There was a time when cross-platform was chosen to build apps quickly and at a low price, where the businesses and enterprises had to compromise with the quality of the app (as compared to native iOS and Android apps).

But today, with React Native and PhoneGap, entrepreneurs and business groups can have the best of both world. They can achieve top-notch quality apps within their budget and timeline.

Most mobile app development companies of today are working on improving their React Native and PhoneGap app development skills so as to gratify the business requirements of every company, entrepreneur, startup and enterprise across the worlds.

Let’s learn how React Native and PhoneGap benefit the app developers:

The basic rule that both of these frameworks follow is to ‘code once, run everywhere.’ Belonging to the cross-platform app development, both PhoneGap and React Native frameworks only maintain a single codebase in HTML, CSS and JavaScript web technologies for both iOS and Android, instead of constructing parallel codebases in Swift and Java. So, 75% of the code development task is reduced when you need to develop an Android app after the iOS is built, in hybrid app development.

This reduction in code development results in quick development and reduced cost of development. Each of these frameworks has their respective benefits in app development.

Let’s take them one by one.

React Native for cross-platform app development

Overcoming most cross-platform challenges, React Native is an open-source framework by Facebook for building native apps in JavaScript. This happens to be the most preferred cross-platform development framework as it renders mobile user interfaces on both Android and iOS with either minimal (UI design) or no native coding.

React Native employs actual reusable native components that work on both platforms. It delivers a far better app performance and user experience than any other cross-platform frameworks including Ionic, Apache Cordova, Xamarin.

So, the app behaves and feels very much like a real native app. All the known disadvantages of hybrid app development including inefficiency, less developer productivity and delayed deployment are now eliminated with the arrival of React Native.

Since React Native is all about JavaScript, mobile app development companies need not train their employees exclusively on certain skills. As a business owner, you can get the talent readily available and can hire React Native developers from any of the top cross-platform application development companies.

Lately, many of the top brands have chosen React Native for creating scalable, high-speed hybrid apps for connecting to the global audience in shortest time. One of the latest examples is Walmart, which

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Walmart Labs use a React-based system for their website’s front-end. It has open-sourced a tool named Electrode Native, that allows startups to easily migrate their existing apps to React Native.

With this Electrode native tool, Walmart aims to provide large companies a better and easier way to integrate their native apps with the React Native platform. React Native becomes a third-party library that can be used by the native app.

Walmart used this Electrode Native to update the shopping cart section of its mobile app.

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PhoneGap/Apache Cordova

In this age of high demand for mobile apps and progressing mobile-first enterprise initiative, organizations need to choose a cost-effective and quicker way out to mobile app deployment on the app stores. PhoneGap presents one such solution with the development of iOS and Android apps that are built using HTML, CSS and JS technologies in much lesser time and fewer costs.

PhoneGap camouflages a web app as a native app. However, the performance of a PhoneGap app is not what it is with React Native.

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In sum, those not from the tech world may only believe native Android and iOS apps to be the only solutions to delivering an engaging and feature-rich app experience to the users. Hey! You need to come out of this misconception and embrace frameworks like React Native and PhoneGap to provide the same native-like experience to your users much faster than your competitors, without breaking your bank.


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