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Uh-oh, do you think the “app boom” is over?

Mobile Application Press Release

For some time now, there has been a lot of debate and hype around this. Many have predicted that app wave is done and dusted and it’s time for other tech to dominate. However, the stats speak a different story altogether.


Reason people cite when stating that app economy is over or that new apps won’t find any downloads rely their theory on download stats and that Chatbots, AI, IoT etc. are the new wave tech and are going to replace the app economy.

Well, yes the market has abundance of app and audience also has matured but that’s leading us in a different direction and that not at all reflects that app boom is over. Further, if we look clearly, we can observe that app is becoming a tool to facilitate implementation of more comprehensive tech.

The apps are, by no means, down and out. The are rather growing and transforming at the velocity of knots.