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What iOS 11.2 beta brings for mobile app developers

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iOS 11.2 Beta is touted to bring a variety of change to Apple OS with its exciting expectations. It deals with iMessage in iCloud as well as Apple Pay Cash. Before 11.2 release, iOS app developers were only able to test the beta version which was released on 7, November, 2017. In case of iPhone X, it was 3, November.


Mentioned below are few of the significant changes that iOS 11.2 Beta has brought for mobile app developers.

  1. Apple fixed some of the issues present in the first beta release as well as iOS 11.1 The major problem was concerning with the initial software was regarding the calculator app. There was an animation bug which essentially caused the system to ignore as well as register few symbols. It included symbols like plus (+) sign. In case an iOS app developer put in numbers as well symbols in succession, the system failed to recognize them. Apple fixed this issue by removal of animation which allows the user to input numbers without waiting.
  2. Another major bug was the capital-I bug. It affected that iOS 111 users. In the previous version, on typing the letter “I” while keeping autocorrect on, it subsequently changed it to A and [?]. The new version has fixed this issue. There are few differences in terms of visuals in the latest public beta. It includes:
  3. Redesigning of art in case of few emojis such as whiskey glass and camera.
  4. For live photo effects, there is new waiting animation.
  5. In the command centre, there is a square icon placed for the album art.
  6. For iPhone X, it offers 3 new live wallpapers. Older iPhone models are given access to wallpapers of iPhone 8 as well as iPhone X.
  7. Another valuable addition this version is providing the user with the ability to control Apple TV content. It brings a lot of possibilities to companies involved in iPhone app development Make an Inquiry about this news. Airplay 2 support allows the user to move from given playback device to another one without any inconvenience. There is Now Playing function present in the control centre. Using it, the user can easily control the Apple TV’s audio output along with HomePod speaker. However, HomePod speaker is yet to be released.

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  1. 11th generation iOS comes with the much-awaited inclusion of Apple Pay Cash. Apple Pay Cash is an inherent feature which allows the person to transfer money to another. Initially, the users required an internal device certificate to get access to this feature. Apple is now geared up to launch Apple Pay Cash included in iOS 11.2. It provides exciting opportunities to developers in the second public beta’s soft launch. Now they can experience the money transfer service functionality. It features can easily be applied to upcoming iOS applications.

In order to try this feature, the developers require the installation of 11.2 iOS PB2. Using this software, the developers can easily send money to others on the messaging app.

However, both users need to activate the service for working on this feature.