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What ‘eelo’ is all about

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The grapevine in the mid-2107 had already suggested that 2018 is going to witness a big breakthrough in the mobile app development field, but little did we know that this new breakthrough is going to be all about ‘eelo’

eelo.. what is that?

Is that what you also thought of? Well, you are no different from me, and the very first concept which hung in my mind after seeing eelo, was that it must be a new technology to help to improve the app development process…right???

But eventually you are wrong because eelo is not at all about new app technology, but it is an OS- operating system…

What an operating system??? But why do we require an operating system, when already Android and iOS are doing great in the market….

Quite a valid question, but you need to know and understand something that privacy and security are still the prime concerns when it comes to build a mobile app or access a mobile app.

Gaël Duval, a prominent name in the open source and Linux communities, and the creator of Mandrake Linux came up with an idea of eelo- an Android-based operating system that places an emphasis on privacy.

eelo is basically a Google-less Android-based operating system, which is going to let the users utilize the online services with the interesting features, but worth to mention during this process, nowhere the security would be compromised.


eelo is originated from the LineageOS, which is an Android-based open-source operating system, which has the links hailing from CyanogenMod.

In order to make eelo more attractive and aesthetically appealing, eelo would have a redesigned launcher, icons, notification system, and “control center.”

eelo is going to ditch the Google Play Store, Google Play Services, and Google Services and instead would have its own “eelo store”, which would be consisting of free applications like APKPure and open-source applications like F-Droid.

There are chances that eelo would replace Google Services’ MicroG, an open-source implementation of Google’s proprietary core libraries and applications, and Magisk Manager would deal with programs that use Google’s SafetyNet API.

eelo would use DuckDuckGo and Qwant for search options, and the user would have the liberty to choose any of their own search engines.

To make the privacy a much-targeted privacy a very prominent feature of eelo, there will be Quad 9 Domain Name System (DNS), which would block every type of malicious sites to secure the privacy.

eelo More As A Public Interest

Duval has a basic concept of creating eelo, first, make it secured, and second to make it as a non-profit project, a project ‘in the public interest.

Albeit, there would be certain charges for eelo, but the monetary benefit is not going to be the prime concern behind eelo.

When Eelo Would Be Launched Officially

If everything goes as planned, then you can expect eelo to roll-out officially by the March-2018 and hopefully, eelo would help us to build a much-secured and privacy equipped operating system.

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With this hope that eelo would soon make an entry in the app development market, and users would have the privilege to utilize eelo to address their privacy and security concern…I sign off for today…and if you want yourself to be tech-updated, then keep watching this space for more exciting tech info and news to come your way.

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