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Right time to change your mobile app development team

Mobile Application Press Release

You had a great idea of the Mobile app and you have also found a developer's team but still not getting the expected result. Check out these signs and tips to know the reasons and their solution too.

Well, probably it can happen you are having an absolutely out-of-box app idea running in mind. So, in such case what will you do? Simply, you will search for the set of mobile app programmers Make an Inquiry about this news who are consciously striving to look forward to some new, empowered and enriching opportunities.

Now, before you hired them, definitely you are liable to think that you have got the best mobile app development team Make an Inquiry about this news and now you will be able to escalate the development ladder in a very easy way.  But, here let me tell you that this may or may not prove to be good fortune for your app idea.

There can be some indications from your mobile app development team that may result in the downfall of your success graph and can even hamper your business relations. Thus, in such a scenario, where your aim are not resonating with the desired one and your clients are getting pissed off with you with each passing day,  then for sure, it is right time to look for the issues that are more or less covering your mobile app development team.


In this post, we will tell you what are the signs that will help you to identify and make sure that actually, the development team is the reason for all this embarrassment or not?  Unfortunately, if they are then here find out the solutions to combat them. Eventually, the best solution, if nothing works, is to change the development team with no delays.

  • Non-fulfillment of Deadlines

Now since you are developing a new venture, mistakes are liable to happen. Since we all are humans, we cannot ignore the fact that we are bound to commit the mistakes.

Generally, it can happen that the team finds it really difficult to meet the deadlines due to some of the other reasons. For once, the issues can be understood but if this becomes the trend, you might face heavy losses on the grounds of both money and respect.

Solution: In such a case, very first find out the number of resources working on the project. Once done, figure out the tasks that are allotted to them.

However, it is best to use time management tools and techniques for identifying the employee productivity in the working hours. Few of them that can be used are:

  • Slack: Well, most of the organization uses it. It helps in not only identifying the tasks allocated but at the same time, it also keeps the managers updated about the tasks completed and that are running pending. It helps to establish the communication in a friendly manner and emphasizes in keeping the conversation very light and productive.
  • Redmine:  It helps you to set individual tasks and helps in developing the project, splitting the projects and even calculates the time invested in different activities. With the help of Redmine, you can easily define the tasks and can make better provisions for confining with the project deadlines.
  •  Lack of communication

In this case, analyze the time taken by the managers or any other associated persons to respond to a mail. Well, if it is taking more than one day then, certainly this is not a good sign as will only deliver a negative message to your development teams.

Constant communication is an important part of the development cycle must be taken care off with an utmost priority. 

Solution: If this is missing from your daily schedule, you can set daily meetings or a mail notification system. Regular updates on the client meetings, milestones achieved must be shared so as to frame a closed loop.

  •  Missing motivation

Employee engagement is very crucial when you are planning to execute a successful project. If your mobile app developers Make an Inquiry about this news are pretty much excited about the project and are imbibed with true potential, they will definitely aid in achieving the required goals.

On a contrary, if a team feels excluded from the project evaluations and concepts, ends up developing clumsy project architecture.

Solution:  Well, before handing a new project to the team, clarify few questions:

  • ) Does your team raise questions in the terms of analytical and practical grounds?
  • ) Do they really work hard to identify the weak areas of the venture?
  • ) Do they take part in your researches and loves to brainstorm with you?

Well, in case if you have the aforementioned questions answered, do not wait and hand over the project but if the situation is exactly opposite, the negative circumstances for your project may rise.

  • Distracted development team

Are you having a development team that forgets its clients as soon as the project is delivered? Does your team communicates and acknowledges the client suggestions and messages in a generous way or simply ignores them?  Well, if the answers are positive then might be you are not working with the right team.

Taking some time for executing the tasks and for responding is acceptable, but if your client feels that they are being kept for waiting longer in the queue, then certainly it is not the right indication.

Solution: In such a scenario, it is the higher authorities and the managers that are required to take the call. They have to anyhow ensure that their team is responding to the clients in a nice manner and are making just the right efforts for fixing the issues as required and suggested by the client.  

  • Recurring functional issues

This is a pretty common issue, every time a build is released, it is processed for testing.  In case your development team is really unmotivated, they will try not to test the build every time.

Instead, they will pile on the task with a note that, all the bugs will be fixed during the final polishing and launching, so what’s the point of testing now?

Well, the approach is obviously wrong and it can happen that the bugs may remain unfixed. Thus, you mind end up with a product comprised of N number of bugs.

Solution:  The only way to combat the situation is testing the product once again, after the beta processing. In case you find it similar to the previous version, change your development team without thinking on a second thought.

So, the above are some of the situations which help you find out the best team working with your organization. Client communication is the major key to make any business flourish, therefore, in such a case insist on making your development team stronger on the above grounds or else changing the entire team is the only options to attune with. 

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