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Google i/o: introducing new ways to put users at the center of the App and purchase

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Google I/O is the flagship annual convention organized by Google, for Tech developers and innovators around the world. It is held in the months of May-June in the city of San Francisco, California. Google I/O was launched in 2008 and very closely follows the model of Google Developers Day. It has live tech experiences and launch of technology, services, and products by Google and other Industry Leaders.


I/O stands for Input/Output, it also refers to the tagline of the event, “Innovation in the Open”. And Innovation is what they do every year, by creating a ripple in the entire digital industry, revolutionizing how we develop digital goods and ideas.

What was Google I/O17 all about?

This past year Google came out swinging with their Google Lenses which would now put users in the position to gather information from their environment.

Using vision-based computing abilities, google lenses will make our devices capable of making sense of the user’s environment and prompt and assist them to take actions accordingly.

Like you will be able to access the service of a business in the digital space, just by pointing your camera to their storefront.

Applications powered by the Google lenses like their very own Google Assistant will put users in the position to feed information to their App in real time more efficiently. And in return, there will be a scope for these Applications to provide with Proactive Assistance.

This is pushing Augmented Reality to new horizons, where we can very soon expect AI capable of becoming more robust everyday companions.

With Google Actions now supporting transactions, a smoother end-to-end consumer experience can be generated. Users will be able to make payment directly through Google using just their fingerprint to authorize transactions.

Both Google Assistant and Google Home will now be able to proactively extend their services by promoting information and action without user stimulus.

And the new SDK launched by Google will help mobile device manufacturers to integrate Google Assistant in any smartphone. Apple became the first to follow suit, as now you can assess Google assistant from your mobile iOS platforms as well.

What was in it for the developer’s community?

The entire developer’s community was raging about the introduction of Kotlin, now as an official programming language for Android.

But what had the App Development Companies excited was the briefing about Cloud TPAs. They are basically Third Part Auditing Programs, that checks the credibility of data stored and shared over the cloud.

And complemented by AutoML (Auto Machine Learning) they provide Apps with the robust functionality of real-time optimization.

With Google’s Cloud Auto Machine Learning Suite, App Developers with limited machine learning expertise can now develop their specialized ML powered applications leveraging state of the art transf…Search technology.

The Android Instant App was opened to everyone so now anyone could build and launch an App instantly.

Firebase became more than just a Mobile Application platform and incorporated real-time Analytics to the arsenal of functionalities offered to Modern Developers. Now user had the power to link their Firebase Analytics to AdWords and create optimized CPI.

These advancements have led to a boom in the rate at which services and products are being created and filtered out. Also, as more open source resources such as Flutter keep entering the market, more and more people are enabled to create and invest in Apps.

What can we expect in Google I/O 2018?

Well for starters its going to take place from the 8th to the 10th of May. Google set up a 360-degree virtual tour of its venue and people solved puzzles to figure out the Dates of the event.

Also, often Google sprinkles out clues regarding the theme of the convention.

Google also rolls out competition prior to the convention which gives developers an opportunity to gain insight into the planned updates. Doing this also helps individuals and businesses to customize things better to receive the update.

Every Year the entire convention is broadcasted live, so remember to tune in.

Google I/O is one of the most important forums when it comes to Technological advancement in the field of digital Tech like IoT, open source tools, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual and Augmented devices. So, it is going to be really exciting to see what they have up their sleeves at this year’s convention, to say the least.

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