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Progressive web apps - future of web app development

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Progressive Web App is all about delivering a native app-like experience to the users. Know why Progressive Web App is the future of App Development.

The world of apps is witnessing phenomenal growth and innovation. Progressive Web Apps are the newest phenomena that have hit the mobile web arena.

It is changing the way how web apps have been used so far? There has been a relentless effort to offer the best to the users and get rid of flaws if any, and this has led to the development of lightweight but features rich web apps.

Now let us first explain what Progressive Web Apps are?

Progressive Web Apps popularly referred to as PWAs are web apps which look akin to a native mobile app Make an Inquiry about this news.

These apps operate on any browser be it opera, chrome or Samsung internet browser. The users are not obliged to download the app from app store.

All you have to do is tap on a link and the PWA gets installed on the device of the user. Akin to a native mobile app, Progressive Web Apps are displayed on the homepage in the app drawer.

It sends the push notifications and is easily assimilated into system settings.

Some statistics about Progressive Web Apps

  • The web reach of PWA is higher as compared to web reach of a native app reach. It receives 11.4 million unique visitors every month in comparison to 4 million visitors received by a native app.
  • Statistics related to user engagement showed that users spend more time on native mobile apps as compared to mobile web. A regular user spends 188.6 more minutes on the app in comparison with that on the web.

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Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

  • Responsive- The best thing about Progressive Web Apps is that they are quick to respond. They automatically adjust the layout as per the device on which they are put. So, regardless of the fact they are on a mobile or a tablet, desktop or laptop, PWAs will attune to any kind of device.
  • Secure- As compared to regular web apps, PWAs are far more secure as they are served by means of HTTPS. PWAs are tamper proof. They are not prone to vandalism.
  • Dependable in spite of network defect- Even if there are any issues with the network, you can still work with Progressive Web Apps as they can work offline also. This is possible due to a service worker, which is a kind of web worker. There is a well-known e-commerce website known Konga in Nigeria. It has managed to minimize 92% of its user data usage because of Progressive Web App.
  • Appears and Feels similar to a native app- The user will not be able to spot a difference between a native app and PWA. PWA look and feel quite like native apps. They even offer similar features such as push notifications, display icon on home screen, integration with system and app drawer etc.
  • Hassle-free installation- It is not easy to make a user install your app from play store. Progressive Web Apps are easy to install as a user just has to click a button. This frictionless installation enables the users to bask in comfortable service rather than getting into trouble of installing heavy native apps.
  • Easy Updates- An amazing feature of PWAs is that they are easy to update. As there is no app store working as a mediator, the users will have an updated app as soon as the mobile app developers Make an Inquiry about this news launch the updated version from their end.
  • Lightweight- PWAs are extremely lightweight in spite of being feature rich. Comparing Pinterest’s PWA is just 150 KB and the weight of its Android and iOS app is 9.6MB and 56MB respectively.

Some of the issues with PWAs

Browser Support

Some browsers such as Safari do not bolster PWAs so this can pose problems more often.

Device Support

PWAs work seamlessly with the majority of Android devices yet it is still not supported by iOS devices. Nevertheless, seeing the popularity and potential of PWAs, it is believed that Apple will soon work on making it available on iOS platform too.

Hardware Functionality

There are a number of hardware functionalities which are not bolstered by PWAs. But with the passage of time, they will be made available akin to a native app.


Progressive Web Apps have led to enhancement of performance plus have provided an impressive escalation to the user engagement as well. They display a huge amount of potential and are making a definite impact on mobile web scene.

It is definitely to keep an eye on whether PWAs will capture the market of native mobile apps or not. Nevertheless, they have created a niche for themselves and web community is accepting them with open arms.

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