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Developers at kunsh technologies guide on time frames & cost to create mobile apps

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This post reflects a deep insight about what it costs and how much time it takes to develop a quality app. Kunsh Technologies help its customers significantly with developing best apps for their business. Connect to company website to acquire more details.

Highly Experienced and proficient mobile app development ‘gurus’ have shared their knowledge over the time frames and cost incur to create an enterprise mobile app. It is worth sharing.

Not just the business apps, all kinds of apps that are created by the mobile app development Make an Inquiry about this news companies involve certain kind of factors like what cost will incur and in what time it would get created.

For determining the average cost and time that incurs on creating the mobile apps, Kunsh Technologies has analyzed based on more than 1,000 iOS, Android and Windows apps created by its developers.


“We have seen a 500% increase in the number of free apps downloaded in the past five years. 

New trends are constantly ruling the market like cloud-based apps, wearable apps, blockchain for better security and augmented reality,” shared by Darshan Shan, CEO of Kunsh Technologies.

Of course, different price tags are given for developing mobile apps in different countries of the world. The US based development firms charge 10 times higher the actual charges are, in some areas.

However, the firm throws some light over the resources involved in developing different levels of applications i.e. the apps for hospitals, restaurants, social media and other business-specific applications.

Considering involvement of all different factors, the general idea ‘Developers’ at Kunsh Technologies share includes wide variations in terms of time and cost estimation.

According to an expert developer in the company, “If taking example of a social media app; everyone knows that they are used for sharing videos, photos and chatting etc. Now, users are also allowed to share their live videos etc.

Hence, it costs around $10,000 to $60,000, to build a social media app. It could take at an approximate of 2.5 to 6 months for the entire project to be accomplished.

However, the time varies depending upon the complexity of the app and the process involved.”

“If talking about creating a taxi booking app, the cost could vary between $20,000 and $35,000 with an estimated time frame of four to five months,” he shared further.

The pace of developing apps is improving day by day with the new trends and technologies arriving in the market. During 2015, a similar guidance was published by another company sharing 18 weeks requirements for developing a typical native mobile app, where 10 weeks were needed to accomplish back-end coding and 8 weeks for fully constructing the front-end of the app.

The things are a bit changed with the passing time. The developers of these days have become smarter than ever and constantly minimizing the time requirements for app development.

“This research exclusively serves those who are planning to invest their money in a mobile app development company Make an Inquiry about this news. Our aim is to give them complete guidance so that they can focus on acquiring a quality and beneficial app for their business,” Darshan Shah added further.

About Kunsh Technologies:

Kunsh Technologies is a renowned name in the field of android app development, iOS app development and other web and mobile app development services. The experienced and skilled professionals they have create exceptional quality, intuitive and user-friendly mobile apps within customer’s cost and time requirements.

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