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How are chatbots transforming the segment of recruitment?

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Technology is dominating almost every sector with its tremendous capability of making the life of users easier. The spectrum of Human Resources is also becoming a part of it.


The arrival of Chatbots took place quite a long time back, but it is now that they are gaining some popularity. Web development companies are engaging more in driving their apps towards being more consumer-oriented, and chatbots provide that assistance!

The level of personalization required in the process of recruitment is considerably high, and reaching that level with technology is not such an easy task. But chatbots are accomplishing that as well with its solutions!

HR Chatbots not only eliminate the back-breaking task of doing a lot of paperwork but also enhance the experience of candidates & employees with the high level of interactivity!

Changing scenario of Recruitment with Chatbots

The process of recruitment is not very easy. It takes up a lot of time and effort of both the HR Manager and the candidate.

Now, imagine a world that brings forth a bunch of possibilities where you could resolve all these issues! Well, chatbots are on their way to doing this effectively.

Check out this list of points that demonstrate how easier chatbots are making recruitment.

  • Simplifying the initial steps: For every step that takes place while recruiting, an executive has to take care of everything. With Chatbots, you can accommodate that time somewhere else. Chatbots can now complete the tasks for which a person was being assigned. For instance, the bot can shortlist resumes on the basis of some qualifications, saving the time spent by the HR on segregating every resume individually.
    Also, the initial queries of a candidate are very general, which is why the chatbot can answer them all. At the same time, it can also direct the candidate towards any job openings according to the queries they have.
  • Easier application process: It is very common for candidates to drop out from filling the application for a job midway. Mostly, it is because the process becomes too boring and lengthy.
    The interaction that happens between the bot and the candidate is very much like a normal conversation. Which is why, when the bot is seeking information from the candidate in an informal manner, the chances of the candidate dropping out are considerably less.
    Let’s assume that even still, the candidate opts out of the conversation. The chatbot can indirectly persist them to complete their application. It can be in the form of completely indirect pressing and nudging them of the job openings, or updating them on the status of their application.
  • Instant response: This is one of the major benefits of Chatbots from the angle of candidates! There are a lot of frequently asked questions from the side of the candidates. Even from the side of prospective employees, there are a lot of company-related questions. For that, you can use the platform of chatbots and customize them, so that they fulfill that role and answer those questions!
  • Reduction in unnecessary steps: Both the candidate and recruiter are subjected to a lot of unrequited steps once the interview is done.
    With chatbots, you can minimize that, since it fills the gap by providing instant replies about the approval or rejection of the candidate. Doing this also gives the candidate an idea about what they should do next, and are not left hanging.
  • Less scope for mistakes: No matter how much experience an individual holds, mistakes are bound to happen sooner or later. You can never really look at everything.
    However, chatbots are not humans! They are never going to make mistakes. They don’t have a mind of their own and simply run on technology! Hence, for the initial procedures, they are always beneficial.

Points to Remember While Building Chatbots

Chatbots are definitely changing the dimensions of recruitment, but every aspect has two sides. Chatbots too face some challenges that might hamper their existence.

Web Developers need to overcome these aspects in order to retain a good experience for the users. Check out some of the points that you should keep in mind while building chatbots.

  • Prevention of data leakage: HR Bots utilize a lot of important information of the employees. Enterprises should make sure that all the data that they store in the systems of their employees is very secure.  
    Depending on the type of company and their requirements, they should look for appropriate chatbot models.
  • The relevance of the bot

    Many times, bots tend to annoy the candidates because its responses are out of context. Rather than giving them a good experience, the bots end up pushing them away!

    Hence, the interaction between the bot and the individual should not be purely mechanical. It requires some level of customization so that the candidate receives a personalized interaction.

  • Keep the answers generalized

    This might sound a bit contradictory to the above point, but it is not! Even though an employee might be looking for a direct answer when he has a query, don't shoot straight. The chatbot should always give a rather generalized answer.


The major requirement of job seekers is more communication and HR chatbots are successfully fulfilling that requirement. Chatbots complete the tasks that a human recruiter does not have the time or capacity to do.

From the ends of both employees and prospective candidates, HR Bots are facilitating a positive response. Now that we’ve covered all the facets of Chatbots, it is important to have one more thing clear.

Chatbots are not here to replace the human recruiters. Instead, automating the interaction through chatbots is simply enhancing the overall recruitment process!

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