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Mobile Application Press Release

Very often, our clients and partners ask us how to reduce the costs of mobile app development while cooperating with app development companies. This is not just an issue for people who want to spend less money; it's a matter of wise and good leaders, investors, start-up professionals, and businessmen. We understand and respect the desire of our customers to optimize their expenses, because it demonstrates that we cooperate with exceptional and experienced people.

In fact, there are different approaches to this issue, from optimizing the product itself and reducing the development time and costs to different discounts and coupons, such as the coupon system that we use among our clients.

However, today we will focus on the most organic method, which does not require additional knowledge, skills, or effort – partnership or referral cooperation.

Partnering with Appus Is One Way You Can Earn or Save on App Development

Referral partnering is the ability to receive passive income, save money on the creation of products with Appus, or earn money with the help of specialists.

We offer two cooperation schemes or two types of referral partnerships.