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DH2i launches DxMobi mobile app for managing DxEnterprise environments

Mobile Application Press Release

First to Enable Secure and Remote Management, Smart Availability and Disaster Recovery (DR) of Microsoft Windows, Linux, Oracle and/or Docker Container Environments from the Convenience of Handheld Smart Device(s)

DH2i®, the leading provider of multi-platform Smart Availability™, disaster recovery (DR) and cost improvement solutions for Windows, Linux and Oracle databases and Docker containers, has announced the launch of DxMobi™, a mobile app that enables secure remote management of DxEnterprise™ environments.

Now generally available to all DxEnterprise end customers and channel partners, free-of-charge, the user can quickly and easily download the DxMobi app from their smart device’s web browser ( and simply click to install the correct app version for their specific device(s).  App versions and support for Apple iPhone and Android devices are now available. 

Additional versions will be introduced as required by customers and channel partners. 

With DxMobi, DH2i is the first to deliver a mobile Smart Availability management app. DxEnterprise users can now:

  1. 1. Start/Stop and move DxEnterprise Vhosts with their iPhone or Android phone(s)
  2. 2. Start or stop Vhosts from their iPhone or Android phone(s)
  3. 3. Enable or disable cluster nodes from their iPhone or Android phone(s)
  4. 4. Start or stop Docker containers from their iPhone or Android phone(s)

“DH2i’s DxMobi delivers a transformative impact for DH2i end customers and channel partners by enabling them to work the way they want to work,” said OJ Ngo, CTO and Co-Founder, DH2i.  “No longer tied to a dashboard running on a datacenter PC, DxEnterprise users can securely manage their environments whenever and from wherever they choose – from the datacenter to the corporate office to the home office and beyond.”

“DH2i is the first to offer datacenter professionals the ability to remotely manage and ensure Smart Availability and disaster recovery (DR) of Microsoft Windows, Linux, Oracle and/or Docker container environments from the convenience of their chosen smart device(s),” said Bright Iremhinmhen, CEO, Storhet Solutions Limited, a DH2i channel partner.  “This has been on the ‘wish list’ of our customers for some time. 

No longer tied to a desktop or laptop computer, status can be checked, alerts can be received and management actions can be executed whether they are elsewhere in the building, on the road, at home, or even simply for peace of mind while on vacation.”

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About DH2i

DH2i Company is the leading provider of multi-platform Smart Availability™ software for Windows Server and Linux Server databases and stateful Docker containers. Its flagship product, DxEnterprise®, drastically reduces IT management complexity, enables nearest-to-zero planned and unplanned downtime, unlocks 30-60% cost savings and can reduce the number of OSes under management by 8-15x.

DxEnterprise gives you data tier portability from any host, to any host, anywhere. Intelligent automation ensures that workloads and containers only come online where they can perform at an optimal level, compliant with business requirements and SLAs.


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