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Latest from the Designing Houzz: Roll over these points while creating on-demand app for Interior Design

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Interior design is synonymous with progression, innovation, and creativity. Trends show that the on-demand industry is quick enough to embrace the deserving artists on the payroll!


Having an industrious outlook, many app development companies India are bracing up to match the pace with the disruptive business environment to shape the taskforce for the industry 4.0!

8 Principles to Consider Before Hiring an On-Demand Interior Designer

There are some gold standards for a reason when it comes to interior design. If given a fair shot these are sure to make a difference once and for all.

Read through to know the important principles and trends to drool over:

  1. The 3/3 Vertical Rule

This aligns to the wishes of people who wish to assimilate the great outdoors with the interior aesthetics.

Darkest colors towards the ground (grasses, stones, and mud), medium shades in the middle and lighter tones towards the top.

This calls for an elegant interior design that looks much milder with the darkest shades towards the bottom, medium shades in the middle and lightest shade on the top.  The plants always flourish in their ideal environment.

Painted ceilings, multi-functional spaces, bold colors, mission-style details are not about successfully paying homage to a certain style but incorporating small touches of it into a room. All this and more can be a helpful place to start for those trying to form a color palette which works with both colorful hues and monochromatic shades.

  1. The 10-30-60 RULE

After deciding which colors are to be used within the interiors, it is as well important to decide what role each color will play in the design. This rule allows selecting a bolder shade, a secondary shade and an accent color (lightest of all).

As the rule says, the dominant shade will cover 60% of the room, followed by 30% of secondary shade and 10% of the lightest shade.

  1. The Rule of Threes

Accessories must be prioritized after the color. It is the right combination, in groupings of three that is important for purposefully stylizing the surfaces and grouping accent pieces before they run the risk of being overly cluttered.

Basics are always in vogue and personal sense of style can be tried considering fundamentals in mind.

Coming up towards the 8 essential points to consider while chalking out a plan for interior designing:

  • Do your research
  • Consider Budget Constraints
  • Determine the Location
  • Take care of the Timeline
  • Trust the basics
  • Raise your Expectations
  • Stay involved
  • Try out the designer style

It is important to define the space to be decorated, scheduling the work and deciding how much time is to be actually spared for the entire task. It is important to be honest about the requirements, what resources are required and what choices have to be made.

A good design always takes dedicated efforts and time. It is as well required to clearly state the requirements, services, payment schedule, and payments.

Furthermore, how the rooms should be like, how much space must be allocated to each, how much space should be kept in mind, what should be expected visually and how much the designer uses up space while they design it – must be considered while allocating the location for the interior design.

In addition to this, hiring an interior designer at best cost who can redo a used space or give it a fresh look, understands the style, and makes you understand their outlook is the very first requirement of the interior design. All these points need to be considered before creating an app like Uber Make an Inquiry about this news for Interior design.

A Final Summation

Besides this – (1) Big, bold plants, (2) Painted ceilings, (3) Multi-functional spaces, (4) Bold colors, (5) Mission-style details -  are some design trends to be sourced out for, considered by various app development companies India Make an Inquiry about this news.

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