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AppMySite - How to increase customer engagement with WooCommerce mobile app?

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Shopping mobile apps have flourished the market from the last few years. However, the user experience offered by these apps has a room for improvement. Businesses are getting on the head of using ‘DIY’ app builders to build an app, but these app builders limit the features and the functionality of the app, which are harmful to an online business.

Customer engagement, retention, and the popularity level are directly proportionate to the user experience. Let’s have a look at the essential features of a WooCommerce mobile app that ensures an engaging shopping experience for your customers:

Searchability of product(s)

If customers are looking for features like smart search, product sorting, and filtering, you need to provide them all. These features should be placed with relevant search bars, sorting options, and filtering criteria to give ease to users.

Above all, these features allow users to reach the product quickly; they want to purchase as well as show them products in the same price range with similar characteristics.

Multi-menu categorization

Mobile app builder for WooCommerce , like App My Site, build your app in such a way by which a customer can explore all the options before placing the order. This is important to have a laced menu that categorizes all your products to cater to the user.

Multi-menu categorization allows users to view all products in a particular category and encourage them to choose and compare between several similar products.

Encourage a better shopping experience

App My Site builds a mobile app using CS/CK keys that help users to make changes at the backend of the online store that will be automatically reflected in the app. DIY app builders, on the other hand, need to redesign their app manually to update their application every time it needs to be updated.

On this front of the race, App My Site has a clear advantage as it allows businesses to focus on their work, instead of checking frequent updates.

‘Buy Now/Add to Cart’ button

Research suggests that customers can decide on purchasing a product within a few seconds. Also, the most engrossed customer is just a notification away from being distracted by the order placement process.

Therefore, every product page should have a visible ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ button. These buttons should have identifiable features that command seamless attention.

Higher conversion and faster checkout

The checkout process doesn’t involve many steps and offers secure payment options as the lesser the time, the more the consumer purchases the product. Buttons like ‘Buy Now/Add to Cart’ helps increase conversions, drives up sales, and facilitates a faster checkout process.

If, however, the customer abandons the purchase process and successfully adds a product to their shopping cart, you can always remind them to complete the order later with a relevant discount for the same.

Improved navigation

Simplifying the browsing process in your app increases customer engagement and decreases its bounce rate. This simply increases the time customers will spend on your app, and even reduces the time taken by customers to reach a decision.

Most of the apps provide an improved shopping experience to their users that are extremely beneficial for your business and even for your customers.

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