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FeedbacQ announces it's Customer Satisfaction Survey Tool

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Business is no longer limited to providing products and services. It now dwells on a good customer service and positive customer experience, mainly because potential customers readily believe in the word of mouth of their relied ones compared to paid advertisements.

FeedbacQ is the best customer satisfaction survey

For this reason, FeedbacQ provides a wide array of tools that can measure the customer sentiment, for instance customer survey. By the efficient use of something as simple as a customer survey, one could capture customer feedback and deduce the customer sentiment and calculate a company’s customer loyalty or their Net Promoter Score.

Every firm attracts a different kind of customers because the nature of their products and services is different. Taking this basic fact into consideration, FeedbacQ provides fully customizable branding and multiple types of questions. For instance, the users can have in their surveys - number/star rating type questions, choose the most appropriate option type or even descriptive type questions; according to the requirements. Even images and videos can be attached to the questions if the survey demands it!

This service can be used for any and every kind of industry, from retail outlets to hotels, from healthcare and research to airports; and even from banks to spa and salon. FeedbacQ can mould its services according to the user. Not only this, considering the multi-ethnicity and diversity of the world that we live in, the facilities have multi-language support for taking surveys in multiple international languages.

All these services are available both, online and offline and can be accessed by a wide array of devices. Since one size cannot fit all, FeedbacQ provides all the tools in customizable packs so that the user can handpick the deals according to their needs. The bare minimum facilities are available for free and so is a 30 day full feature trial!

Work doesn’t end after collecting the survey responses. A team of experts conduct an in-depth analysis of the responses collected from the surveys and turn it into quantifiable measures like Net Promoter Score or Customer Effort Score that can be used to improve…ion-survey  customer satisfaction  and consequently, reach the full potential of the user’s business. After a time, businesses can even predict the consumption patterns of their users, in advance, using the algorithms deduced from the data can

FeedbacQ does not leave after taking responses, analysing and quantifying the information; it ensures that affirmative action is taken based on the analysis because acting on the data is more important than collecting it. And that is when work the really ends.

Thus, FeedbacQ is the only customer experience management tool one needs enhance the quality and quantity of their business.

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FeedbacQ is a customer experience management company that supplements the holistic development of businesses, using its unique data collection tools and advanced data analytics algorithms.

FeedbacQ is a product of Wiinnova Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. - a mobile app development firm.

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