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RentALL launched brand new Airbnb clone app

Mobile Application Press Release

RentALL is developing the sharing economy platforms, marketplaces for different kinds of online business. The company recently launched its airbnb clone app in android version.

We are glad to introduce RentALL  – Android mobile application beta version. In addition to RentALL(Airbnb clone) web application, our Android app will help improve customer engagement and reach more users.

What RentALL-Airbnb Clone is all about?

RentALL, as the name says, is a customizable rental marketplace application to create any sharing economy business and helping entrepreneurs to build their platform immediately without spending more time and money.

RentALL is a ready-made solution that helps startup founders to not to worry about having the technical knowledge or hiring developers to get started with their business.

Let’s dive into the features

In this beta version of RentALL Android app , we mainly focused on guest related features like Search listing, Wishlist, Detailed listing page, Booking, Payment, Trips, Cancel reservation and Edit user profile.

Easy account creation:

We have made the user account creation easy by using traditional email registration or social media signups such as Facebook and Google.

User verification:

Users can verify their email, phone number, Facebook and Google account within the Android app. They can even update their profile picture easily.

Provision to choose any currency at any time:

User has the option to choose from 32 multi-currencies to their need, making it easy while booking rental space in their preferred currency.

Advanced search filters:

This advanced search helps the users to search specific listings with various filters. We have included all the filters from the RentALL web application.

Message board:

Guest can easily respond to hosts from the message board and see all the latest messages from hosts.

Social Sharing:

Users can now share the listings on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Google maps integration:

We have integrated the Google map on the search screen to make it easy for the users to choose the suitable listings based on their preferred location.

Also, we have added the map to the detailed page to show the approximate location of the listing.

Reviews and rating:

The guest can review and rate directly on the Android app about the listing/host after 24 hours of their stay.

Booking options:

The guest after selecting a suitable space for booking and other requirements, there are two options to book: Request to Book & Instant Book.

Payment mode:

We integrated Stripe payment option for making quick payments through credit or debit cards.

Recommended listings:

On the home screen, chosen listings will be shown on the recommended listings section. Admin can choose all these recommended listings by choice.

Upcoming & previous trips:

Guest can access and track their past and future reservations from “Previous and Upcoming Trips” screen. They can access their itinerary and receipts of each reservation. They can also cancel any upcoming reservations from this screen.

Wishlist/Saved list:

Users can save any listings to their wish list . It’s helpful when the user can’t make the reservation right away but if they are still interested, they can add the specific listing to their wish list for future use.

Try RentALL – Android mobile app from the below link,…dicalstart

There is still lots to come and a long way for us to go, which won’t be possible without your feedback. Please share your feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be really grateful for your support.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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