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Agile development: the best method of mobile app development

Mobile app development is the most sought after profession these days. Developers follow several methods of app development, but the best method of app development is Agile development. This writeup is aimed at explaining Agile development and the take of Appinventiv Technologies on Agile app development.

What is Agile app Development

Agile as the name suggests, is fast moving method of app development. To put it in single words, Agile development is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily in which the division of tasks is done in short phases of work.

Agile development is mostly done in order to make the mobile app more adaptable. There are certain characteristics of agile app development and few of them are mentioned below.

  • The design should be simple
  • Agile development aims to provide the finished product earlier than any other method.
  • Rigorous testing and teamwork is required.
  • Always ready to make amendments.
  • Welcoming change and using it as an advantage

Agile development Make an Inquiry about this news is aimed to provide customized solutions to the clients and is adaptable to the recent changes suggested by client. Leading market research company Gartner published a report in 2014 that stated” “mobile app development is quite different from software development or web development. Mobile app development has a different set of challenges as the number and variation in screen size of mobile devices is changing day by day, thus creating more challenges for the developers”.

Importance of Agile Application Development

The methodology of Agile development is the answer to all the challenges mentioned above.

The best thing why people choose agile development over other methods is, it provides the flexibility to the client to make amendments whenever he or she thinks. While other methods like waterfall development, ring methodology, prevent the client to add any new requirements; agile development gives full freedom to the client and after every few days, milestones are sent to client and he or she is welcomed to provide feedback on a real time basis. At each every step, client’s feedback is taken to ensure the success of project.

Appinventiv’ Make an Inquiry about this newss approach to mobile app development

When we begin app development in Appinventiv, the whole project is being broken down into various fragments and one by one development is started. The time frame is totally decided by the client and we schedule our app development  process accordingly. As a rule of thumb, milestones are being sent for assessment of client after every 10 -12 days. Applications with complex methodology have a considerable amount of requirements and we at Appinvnetiv, break down all these requirements into smaller, manageable chunks.

Final thoughts

Testing is the backbone of the entire development process. As apps run on handsets of different sizes, they require a rigorous testing in order to run smoothly. We at Appinventiv pay special attention to quality assurance and testing and we test the end products on multiple devices. Our developers and designers stay in continuous touch with client to understand how the app would be used. We consider agile development to be the best methodology to develop apps because it is flexible, faster delivery and quality of the end product.

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