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First time use of iBeacon technology in the restaurant sector in India through the launch of Voolsy app

This app is about food ordering and payment inside the restaurant using the cutting edge iBeacon technology.

Amrish Patel and Smit Nebhwani, themselves lovers of good food and eating out observed the current hurdles that the restaurant goers in India face and decided to develop an app that would answer all their woes. Even the name Voolsy has an interesting origin behind it. The name is derived from the word Vool, which means more than cool and they want Voolsy to be the coolest mobile application for the restaurant goers.

Existing scenario

As per Amrish Patel, President of Voolsy, ‘if we look at the current scenario of the customers who are visiting any restaurant expecting fast and efficient service, the outcome is at the best a mixed bag. With Voolsy, we want to change this’.

‘Currently there is no personalized attention given to a customer once they enter any restaurant. On top of this, the customers have to face the issues of lack of sufficient number of menus, shortage of staff and delays in billing while they are in the restaurant. In most of the cases, the restaurants face an utter lack in trained manpower and most of the time, waiters don't know how to deal with customers and their queries.