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Are mobile apps engulfing the web?

Will there be no websites anymore? Will there be only apps to buy a product or use a service? Let’s find out all the predictions and answers in this article.

Are Apps Engulfing the Web

“Tech will transform from something we actively use to a more seamless integrated experience that is ‘on’ all the time.”

- Daniel Bæk, Co-founder of Nodes

And many more experts from various globally recognized tech companies believe that mobile is not only a device but an entirely new way of digital living. We are moving way too fast with smartphones and mobile technology, leaving behind the web browsing trend.

In fact, it was evident a year before when a report generated by Flurry analytics in June 2015 revealed that almost 90% of user’s time on mobile is spent on apps (including entertainment, social media, messaging and utilities). The rest 10% was devoted to web browser.

time on mobile is spent in apps

In supportof the data above, comScore too revealed that the number of global users using mobile surged incredibly by the end of 2013 and seen surpassing those of desktop (web) users, across all markets and all categories.

Number of Global Web and Mobile Users

Then again, some of the key findings from KPCP mobile technology trends clearly delineated that we were well past the tipping point as mobile digital media time in the US significantly grew at 51% compared to desktop (42%).

Thereupon, each analytics report on mobile usage against web declares the former exceeding the latter.

Over the past decade, there has been an imminent metamorphosis in the way people used internet services- and mobile app trend took the center stage.

It completely changed user’s perception and lifestyle as they started realizing the potential benefits of 'anywhere, anytime,' 'on-demand economy,' 'tap and order,' 'everything in your pocket’ and so on.

As the above statistics advocate mobile app development, audiences worldwide have experienced mobile powerin the real world. They can hire a taxi anytime immediately, can get everything delivered to doorstep from fashion to groceries, can find new places to dine in nearby, can chat with friends for free, share videos, photos on mobile, can get their house cleaned just by calling a maid through an app- almost everything is just a tap away.

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Most interestingly, it’s not only consumers who are receiving the best of a mobile app, businesses are generating highrevenues and profits too. The first and foremost reason – is reaching to the worldwide audience by sitting in one office space.

Every process is so perfectly aligned online that the business owners can connect to each customer personally through an email, a live chat or a regular SMS.

However, this doesn’t mean that the importance of web browsing will vanish completely. As said, a wide screen just makes a good film twice as good, we can’t deny the significance of a desktop or laptop.

Web is an important part of our everyday life. People do love to browse on their laptops and also make online transactions from their desktops especially when they are in offices.In fact, it’s sometimes easier to quickly go to the website and look for what’s required.

Conversely, as consumers gravitate towards mobile, they are equallycomfortableexploring eCommerce apps and buying immediately from anywhere. Mobile web is again a preferred platform and a responsive website accounts for a number of conversions.

With mobile devices surpassing web, it doesn’t suggest that there will be no web browsing, no desktops and laptops required for audiences to perform their tasks. Websites aren’t dying out and they can never as still millions of websites are present and lots of web application development are in progress along with mobile app development.

So, the best course of action for any business group, retailer and organization is to have both- web and mobile app.

Today’s consumers are most satisfied when they can quickly move across different channels for getting things done. Cross-channel integration is a must-have for driving sales and customer loyalty.

For the same online business, you must implement channels in integrated style rather than silos.

The more number of online channels you integrate for your business, the better is the traffic and the better you earn.

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