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Trends and future predictions from the mobile app development world

Mobile apps, mobile app development and mobile app marketing are on a high demand these days. Estimations say that these demands will increase more in the future.

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Mobile app craze is going on increasing not only among users, but also among business people and mobile app developers. It has become a way to earn money or revenues. Everyone wants to jump in this world and demands for mobile app development is continuously rising on a high-speed. To meet with this demand, quantity of mobile app developers is also increasing with a demand of higher revenues. Let's have a close look on current trends of mobile app developmentmarket.

Total Number of Downloads and Expected Number of Future Downloads

Untill 2014, download number has reached to 138 billion,which is almost 115% more as compared to 2012. In recent two years, mobile app downloads made an unexpected growth which show a rising crazefor suchamong users. This data also refers to addiction of mobile apps among users. It is impossible for users to leave their home without smartphone.

Monthly Income of Developers

Developers are taking full advantage of rising demand of mobile apps and mobile app development. Their earning ratio shows a great increase in their income and future estimations say that their income will increase morebecause mobile app world has no end. Users will keep on demanding for different types of apps and developers will continuously fill their challenging demands in an efficient manner for which they will get great rewards.

Challenges Faced By Developers

Above graph show you common challenges faced by the developers. These challenges are generally created by the business people who want to save their money and want to earn a higher revenue from their investment. Developers need to create an app that has a global reach and well-liked by users. These apps must be a part of addiction so that users always keep them in their pocket with their smartphone.

Increasing Cost of Mobile App Projects and Future Prices

Prices for quality app development are truly higher as compared to low quality app development. If you really want to develop an app that wins the heart of users, you have to invest some bigger amount for such. Future estimations declared the higher prices of app projects and business people need to pay that if they really want to expand their business.


If you are a mobile app developer, then be ready for bright future and if you are business person, then be ready to face the future costs of mobile app development as mobile apps are essential for wider reach of your business.

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Mobile App Development India is a prominent mobile app development company in India. It has a team of experts for various challenging tasks of mobile app development. It creates mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian.

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