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ButterflyEffect LLC Launches ButterflyEffect, an Anonymous App to Bring a Smile on Your Face

The ButterflyEffect is an astounding anonymous app which takes the user to an anonymous community where they can create, share and experience positive influences in a world filled of negativity. This app is an effort to bring a smile on users face.

Although, the world is filled with negative thoughts and negativity is all around us, but there is also plethora of positivity that lies around us. The only effort we need to do is to find out that positivity in order to fill our life with smiles and happiness. The pursuit of happiness seems very difficult, but ButterflyEffect LLC has made an effort towards this quest by bringing in an anonymous app available on iTunesthat connects the user with a community of many other anonymous users, and they create, share and spread positive influences within this community. With this app, users can also connect with other users using this app online and can share their views & perspectives.

We all have head that little things in life bring most of the happiness and joy, and the ButterflyEffect app follows the same principle. The basic theory of this anonymous appis about gathering and sharing all those little things which have big impacts on the lives of people across the continents. Often, we become so busy in our daily lives which are full of stress that we tend to overlook small things that bring a smile on our face.

Using this app, a user can send anonymous texts and emails to other users, or can record their views, perspectives and thoughts in a daily photo journal within the app. This app also offers motivation and inspiration to the users in the form of daily inspirational quotes. An anonymous news feed is also a part of this app where users are allowed to share their thoughts or their deepest wishes without worrying about what other might think about them, as there is all anonymity and there is no personal identity. There is chat feature also, using which, users can connect with the original authors of different posts, in order to share some encouraging thoughts or to make a positive impact in the life of the person. For example, if a user is feeling sad or depressed, he / she can post it in the news feed and other users can help the person by sharing some motivational or encouraging messages.

Today, lives are so stressful that even a word of positivity can change one’s life and this app strives to make this whole world positive.

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