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Aphos launches an exclusive mobile app for users to create billboards and express their bold thoughts and ideas

Aphos introduces a breakthrough app where users have freedom to express their beliefs and sarcasm boldly by creating simple yet effective billboards using advanced features of the app.

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Aphos provides a wide platform to the users to express their ironic beliefs and ideas on any subject of art, politics, sexuality, and life itself without getting pressurized by any external elements such as society, family, peers, etc.

The app is owned by a famous public figure Patrick Mimran; a popular multimedia artist, electronic music composer and ex-owner and CEO of Lamborghini car manufacturer. 

Ideation of the app is inspired by Patrick Mimran’s Billboard project Make an Inquiry about this news. “The idea of Aphos came to me after a Billboard art installation I’d created in Chelsea New York and worldwide for more than a decade from the year 2000 to 2012.”, said Mimran, creator of Aphos.

He used to share his unique thoughts on art in general through billboards by transforming them into an aphorism. 

Patrick expressed that “These art installations were using advertisement billboards as a platform to express ideas and comments in the form of short aphorisms speaking about the art in general and the relation between the artists, critics, curators and art dealers.

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This project was aimed at widening the small egocentric and abstruse circle of the art world into a new and open geometrical figure.” So, the app allows rational thinkers and artists to express their views openly in the form of short aphorisms. 

Combination of art and technology always reflects in Patrick’s aphorisms. He stated, “With the evolution of computers and in particular the introduction of smartphones it looked like a necessity for me to transfer my creativity and ideas into the mobile world.” 

“Smartphones gave me the opportunity to open my conceptual installations into a wider audience, and most importantly to allow everybody from any country and in any language to participate into my projects and have an open platform where they could express themselves on any topics.” 

Download the Aphos app on your Android Make an Inquiry about this news and iOS Make an Inquiry about this news phone, convert your thoughts into aphorisms, create billboards of your ideas, publish it on Aphos’s dashboard, and reach out to a larger audience without considering geographical boundaries.  

Aphos offers freedom to express. Users from any corner of the world can share his/her views on any topic.

Creative thinkers have equal right to express themselves and to be heard. 

The app is quite easy-to-use due to some outstanding features:

  • Engaging billboard creation using simple text and images 
  • Instant billboard publishing on app dashboard 
  • Various categories to pick the most suitable one for your aphorism

Aphos permits the users to connect with other like-minded people who share the same values or sometimes opposite ones. They can express and publish their ideas, exchange their thoughts, share them, color them and illustrate them with pictures.

Apart from social media, this can be a wonderful platform to make friends having the same kind of thoughts and beliefs. Connect with more and more people by sharing what you think and write and not how you look like. 

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