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As an increasing variety of wearable electronic devices is hitting the consumer market, the developers of many successful mobile apps are keen at integrating their solutions with emerging technologies. Devices such as Galaxy Gear and iWatch provide a revolutionary platform with potential to even further expand the functionality of mobile apps we use daily. At the same time, these devices open the way for new kinds of apps, which benefits could not be realized when used on a smartphone, but may prove to be indispensable on a wristwatch.

While there are plenty of well-versed mobile app developers, not all are eager to embrace the new platform and start developing apps for smartwatches. Whether due to the disbelief that the new trend is here to stay or simply due to unwillingness to adapt to the changing market, mobile app developers that already jumped on the bandwagon and acquired experience in smartwatch app development are hard to find.

There are two general types of expertise that can be acquired by smartwatch app developers: experience in transferring and integrating an already existing smartphone app to a smartwatch, and creating an entirely new application that was designed specifically for a smartwatch. When selecting an outsourcer for smartwatch app development, companies tend to look for these types of experience depending on the nature of the application they want to develop.

SoftTeco has recently launched a new Android Wear app in partnership with Kanda Software. With a primary function of a virtual weight watching coach, EatLess makes use of the main benefit of a smartwatch – its constant but subtle availability – to provide the user with weight management and lifestyle tips and motivational messages throughout the day, wherever they go. Developing this app has not just added to SoftTeco’s expertise in smartwatch app development, but also provided the company with an invaluable insight into the possibilities that the new platform entails.

With the release of Software Development Kit for Apple’s iWatch at the end of the summer, without losing any time, SoftTeco started developing a couple of its own apps. This allows the company to test out the possibilities of the new device and get the first-hand experience in developing apps for the new smartwatch.

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