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Viral loops: the futuristic marketing approach for mobile app development business/startups

The fundamental concern for every mobile app development business in the 21st century is to grow BIG!! Be it the traditional marketing, the use of specific strategies or practicing the economies of scale, the core desire (primary goal) is to get global and to make huge yearly revenue. A craving for mobile app developers today!


The promotional ways of mobile app development businesses have certainly changed today. And, it’s all about the “Viral Loops” that is trending currently.

Let’s get started with real start-up examples that adopted the similar strategy for their successful growth and development. Before that let’s consider what Viral Loops is all about?


Why Viral Loops Marketing?

The human mind is really good at perceiving the images rather than skimming through the words.

“Visualization” is, of course, the gen next marketing technique and the perfect blend of “Viral Loops” is going to get it to a whole new level altogether.

Virality is the trending mantra today and to get there at the peak of success, mobile app developers Make an Inquiry about this news must follow the trend. Let’s get along with us on this journey to get a closer look at Viral Loops marketing.

Unlike the traditional method of marketing, the viral loops marketing helps in adding the new customer with every new addon in your business in the similar manner the picture depicts below.


Viral marketing has its roots through the use of the products. For example, a person using the Facebook sees personal relativeness in the product.

And, in case the users likes the product they will surely suggest the product to their friends. In this way the user instead of the producer sells the product while consuming it.

Thus, adding more number of users to the existing ones.

Register---->use product------->evaluate product--------->tell the friends

The Viral Loop Illustration

  • Relativity- The Product Must Relate To The Consumers And Their Way Of Living.
  • Tangibility - The Product Must Be Seen Or Felt By The Consumer Instead Of Being A Vague Idea.

One of the most crucial aspects of viral looping is to offer a product to the users and then get the incentive of the same. The goal for the mobile app development businesses Make an Inquiry about this news is to offer value either with the products or with the services.

The product or the services should be presented in the form of a tangible object that makes them willing to refer the same to the friends and the family.


The Success Story of Start-ups Through Loop Viral Marketing


The cross-posting feature on Instagram i.e. sharing the posts to other social networking sites was the perfect move to bring the right kind of growth to this social networking site.

The users were able to share their stories on Facebook and Twitter. It encouraged people from other social networking sites to register their profiles on the Instagram.


Airbnb achieved massive expansion with the introduction of a bot that allowed users to share their listing with other users too thereby creating a huge network of users. That is because of this massive network only that more and more people found it interesting to get a space for their next vacation along with the morning breakfast promised.

The Upshot

These are the basics of going through a viral loop marketing. This futuristic marketing medium is sure to help startups to grow massively in the times to come.

The best thing about such a marketing medium is that recommendations come from the ones you know, which increases their profit probability.

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