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Deadly app testing mistakes that startups must avoid

NEVER STOP APP TESTING! A mantra for all the mobile app development companies is to hold their position prominently in the app store. The world of mobile applications is skyrocketing every single day offering a plethora of choices to mobile app users. App users, on the other hand, are only going to consider the apps having minimal or no flaws in them.


While app testing is an important part of overall mobile app development procedure, mobile app development companies commit a number of mistakes while testing the application. Here is an extended note on deadly app testing mistakes developers must avoid:

Designing Apps for the Latest Device

The general notion among mobile app development companies Make an Inquiry about this news is to design apps only for the latest, mostly-in-trend top notch devices. Although mobile devices get dated quickly, it can be fatal for mobile app development companies to overlook previous generation devices as it can be the ultimate reason for the loss of a great number of users.

Additionally, if users experience lags in visual design shortcomings, they are never going to continue with your application.

Focusing on the designs but not on the Users

The looks of a mobile application are important but so are the users. Definitely, the UI/UX is o…t elements Make an Inquiry about this news that can never be shifted to the back foot, but mobile app development companies should give equal weightage to the basic functionality for which the app has been developed.

And, one of the most important aspects of mobile app development is offering an exceptional experience to the users.

Including Complexity in the name of Sophistication

A congested user interface makes it really difficult for users to navigate through the application. Mobile app development companies, therefore, must consider designing an app that makes it easy for the users to go through the application.

Testing every single mobile app functionality will make the navigation easier for the app users. Embedding complexity in the name of sophistication is never justified and mobile app developers must keep this very point in mind.

Focusing on Sales Alone

Mobile apps are designed to fulfill two different purposes. First they need to satisfy the users and second, they are supposed to boost the sales.

A number of mobile app development companies focus on increasing the sales alone, leaving user satisfaction below par. App testers must focus on these elements equally in order to fulfill both the purposes.

Not Segmenting the App

Even when the app testers believe that the testing has been done completely, let me inform you, there is quite a bit work left to do. A mobile app is likely to be accessed through a host of devices, some users open it on smartphones while others like to go browse the same through their tabs.

So, the key for app testers is to segment the app for a variety of users.

The Conclusion

The viable approaches discussed here are the key consideration for every app tester to keep in the mind while working on a mobile application. As app testing is the last but one of the most important phases of a mobile app’s journey, the professionals must test an app’s aspect thoroughly to offer an exceptional mobile app browsing experience to the users.  

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