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All possible things you can do with Swift: the programming language.

When one do not belong to the code circuit. There might be a possibility, you hear a word swift and all that pops in your head is an image of a car, but if you are a part of something which has coders all around, it's better you update the top floor of your body.

Swift is a programming language for iOS app development process, it was developed by Chris Lattner in 2010 in collaboration with Apple Inc. The latest version of this language is swift 4

Let’s see what all we can do with swift….

• Beginners choice
To begin with coding one can start on his iPad. Swift Playground gives you the liberty to write a code and see the results in parallel. All the apps in iTunes are developed over swift and swift playground gives a gateway to start your learning with simple puzzle solving.
You can just put your 500 page book aside and start writing code and learn simultaneously. This is one of the best ways children can adapt to this century full of electronics.

• Developers tool to update
An application is an iOS app developer’s baby and all he wants is to grow his application and make it robust to any practical hindrances. When other programmers introduce new platforms to work with the developer needs to make his application ready for those platforms for better functioning and they update. Swift serves as a good tool for such changes. The swift codes can be used to add new features to the existing mobile application development framework.

The struggle to survive in the app market can be done using swift.

• Swift Package manager benefits
Being a Mac holder, you are always accused of not being able to transfer data offline. The swift Package Manager is a cross-platform app development tool, which simply means no matter what operating system you have, the swift libraries can be built using this package and applications can be executed easily.

Let's just say if you can’t afford apple products you can still use swift language in your system and can make code learning much easier.

• Compiled Computer Language
The coder can write as many logic as he wants on screen with a cursor, but if it is not reflected over the hardware, it’s just a screen full of characters. Compiling your programming is an essential step for an error free execution.

Swift originates from C and objective-C and is compiled computer language. While implementing concept, one doesn’t have to care about variable initializing, integer overflows or memory. The low –level primitives are covered well before.

• Compatible with multiple IDE
Integrated Development Environment is a tool for source code editing. The code needs to be written multiple times before its error free. Apple has come with many IDEs like appcode, Xcode 8, code runner, atom.

The most recommended IDE is Xcode 8 because of its distinct features.

- The help documentation is generated automatically
- The current line you are working on highlights it.
- Different colors for literals in your swift code
- Font with different themes.
- Complete codes for image.

• Easy Read for APIs
Application Programming Interface is necessary for giving life to a coders, project, swift makes it easy for APIs to read the requirement and deliver the result efficiently. It’s the interface between the service provider and the user.

The API needs to understand clearly, what is being asked?

The instructions for the same should be as precise as possible for reach intended results.

Summing up
If we just take a look around us, the Electronic devices moved to wireless and nano structures way too rapidly, so the programmers had to follow the hardware and update their platforms. Swift was originated to match up the modern devices and was created using LLVM ( low level virtual machine) which is compiling the programmer's vision from back end and portraits it on the front-end and the user ends up with a colorful, graphic iOS application. The content made all the more obvious why Top iOS app development companies prefer opting Swift as the choicest language for writing application codes.

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