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Analyse your sales with data warehouse

Ever wonder why mobile application usage generates massive data but eliminating paperwork for the same? So, where are the records for every transaction you make?


The data generated every day went from 2.5 quintillion bytes in 2012 to 3.7 in 2017 which includes every click, share, swipe and like on entertainment apps per day. The need for storage of data gave rise to Data warehouse.

What is a Data warehouse?

The data warehouse has the collection of data which is received from operating systems of mobile application development companies such as sales and marketing, ERP etc.

Now, the warehouse does more than just storage, the data is a crucial component to lay down reports and analysis. The analysis has become important to set sales and marketing trends by all the mobile development companies.

More the data more is the clarity in the analysis of business intelligence to pinpoint the problems to be dealt.

How can a company figure out whether they need a data warehouse or not?

  • Integration of Data

Most of the mobile application development companies want to spread worldwide to get maximum output. The data warehouse gives the companies an opportunity to bring all its data from multiple sources under one server and be operational from any branch in the world.

  • Data History
    The history of every transaction is necessary for future use or resolves a complaint. The data warehouse creates a copy of every transaction being made online. In case the source transaction fails to store one, then they can extract it from the data history.
  • Manages customer relationships
    All the operational applications can draw advantage from the data warehouse for maintaining the customer related receipts for better relationships in the invoice process. Implementing this helps make decision supported queries more easy to deal with, the exit query results are intelligent.
  • Data Categorization
    Not all the data is important for the analysis of sales and marketing strategies. One can run different algorithms in the form of codes or descriptions into the data warehouse to categorize the relevant or irrelevant data. The other advantage to this is fixing bad data as well.
  • Restructuring of data
    The data needs to be refined after every interval of time with all the new data coming every day. The architecture of data warehouse helps to the business users to deal with the data which makes sense to them. The performance of the application depends on the manipulated data being restructured by the database for improving the query performance for the customer or business. When all the restructuring is being performed the operational systems can experience no impact at all.
  • Optimization of Data warehouse
    Optimization helps the data scientist to remove the ambiguity in the data marts and the repetition of data can be resolved and the organization is better. The great researchers are coming up with different optimization techniques to deal with large data for effective results.

To sum up

The business in android or ios app development with multiple branches needs a data warehouse for storage and analysis. The path to great success in today's world is quick responses at the customer end and flexible to the change in the market.

Deployment of data warehouse makes the business model understandable to a large extends. The association with computing of the data warehouse is a key to unlock the impossible.

The data warehouse includes the source for data, a data integration technology, different architecture for storage, variations in is done by tools and applications and to make it more accessible to top-rated mobile app development companies and the Metadata is given to every data.

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