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Cryptocurrency applications for Android “decide if you want to put all your eggs in one basket”

Crypt currency has had its share of pointing fingers but nothing has limited its use as it's been legalized by countries like USA, Australia, European Union etc.

Although in some countries government authorities have denied the support but allowed the use of cryptocurrency at an individual’s risk. So who is to decide if the currency without any regulating body is reliable or not? The time will show that but right now it’s been added as the payment option by online shopping sites such as eBay.

The android application developers have come up with cryptocurrency applications.

The technology behind the security and monitoring of such currencies is blocked chain. It doesn’t involve any financial institution to monitor the funds rather the algorithm has a mathematical function to assign the security codes which is a combination of random numbers making it hard to break by hackers.

The individual controls the regulation of their money and not any other institute or company.

Let’s find out what are these applications offering to the user.

 Ztrader application:
This application is a keeps the details of the market up to date and lets you track market trends. It gathers information from various exchanges to analysis how the market is doing.

It is a complex application where you can also get an encryption for API keys and chat with people in the in-built chat box. The application illustrates the different cryptocurrencies updates and a chart representation of the same, the bids placed can be visualized through this application as well.

 Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet:
Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet is the bitcoin management application. It allows you to sell or buy your bitcoin and has a QR code based transactions.

The application also manages multiple accounts for you and the local trader's bids are also shown in the applications.

 Cryptonator:
The market is flooded with various coins which come up every day and the track for exchange rates can be quite hectic, this application lets you compare the exchange rate for all types of cryptocurrencies. The user can even exchange it for the non-crypto currencies like dollar, Euros etc.

 Wallet:
This is another application for cryptocurrency management where the owner of the coin can make payments using coins. The balance can be checked, funds transfer, cash picking center and many more activities can be performed using this application.

 Black folio:
This application has traders as its audience and contains all the details of your investment with a minute to minute update of change in the price of the currencies. This is a financial application having over 800 currencies exchange information.

To conclude:
Cryptocurrency is trending rapidly for the past two to three years and now the mobile application development companies have also started creating finance management apps although it’s as unpredicted as a drunken man’s walk. So the algorithm running behind the operation of currencies without any physical institution like banks has to be accurate and error free because people have already risked huge value investments for a quick increase of personal finances.

The question still remains the same that how reliable are the cryptocurrencies if there is no one to blame for your losses.

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