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How artificial intelligence brings advanced features in mobile app?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the most popular topics among innovators, businessmen, and leading mobile app development companies. Perhaps one of the major reasons behind its fame is the word “Intelligence” in it. AI works to minimize human efforts in both smaller and bigger tasks. From being a part of virtual assistance, it has morphed itself into a proactive system.

Artificial intelligence has played an important role in developing new business possibilities. It has helped in sectors like hiring, marketing, IT research and many more.

In addition, it has turned itself as the backbone of automation.


Businesses have invested millions of dollars on AI systems to make things easy and automated.

They aim to save both time and money in future.

However, use of AI in mobile apps have provided endless options to the mobile app development. Let's find out how.

Intelligent applications are the need of the hour. Such apps continue to influence algorithms, data, and learning approaches to  improve interaction between humans and machines.

The main focus in developing a mobile app or iOS app is to maximize user experience. AI aims to provide an optimal user experience as it can learn and mould itself as per user requirements.

Taking this into account, both Android and iPhone app developers Make an Inquiry about this news have tried to create applications that are interactive.

The article will explain how AI has shaped the modern mobile apps:

  • Recommendation Services: It is one of the finest examples of intelligence-based features in mobile applications. It can be useful in every app.

One of the major reasons why applications fail within a short period of launch is that they lack proper content and have complex user experience. If you’re creating interesting but complex content, it's of no use.

Recommendation services based on artificial intelligence allow apps to create content and insert collected user data into learning algorithms. Therefore, the process helps AI apps to create content based on users’ likes and dislikes and hence they attract more users.

Moreover, services and applications based on user preference get monetized quickly.

  • Organized System for Users and Developers: As mobile app developers are busy in supplying numerous apps in the market, it is difficult for users to find the appropriate app for their needs. To solve the situation and guide them towards the perfect app, developers and mobile app development companies can utilize the power of artificial intelligent systems.

AI has successfully entered into navigation systems and search processes where it offers voice based assistance. For mobile apps developers, it is easy to complete their jobs utilizing agile methodology as AI boosts up efficiency and speed while developing different aspects and segments of apps.

  • Personalized User Experience: Currently, businesses are trying to provide services that are based on user interactions, previous purchases and user preferences. In short, they try to deliver personalized user experience to every customer.

Users prefer apps that respond according to their needs. For example, there are several food-based apps, where users just need to tell what they want and the mobile app will place the order for them based on their preferences. 

However, what makes it possible for AI to be integrated in a smartphone app is that these phones know their users very well. Mobile devices give away information such as location of customers and other details.

This results in offering precise services and eventually records the behavioral pattern of users.

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  • Learning Behavior Patterns: As I have already stated that smartphones help apps to fetch user details and behavioral patterns, it results in making future interactions with mobile apps easier. One of the best examples of AI detecting user behavior is fraud detection while making online transactions. The pattern detecting algorithms (an advanced feature of mobile apps) go through credit card purchases and statements after they've occurred and identify whether users are following a different behavioral pattern.
  • Automated Reasoning: Automated reasoning is an important feature in mobile applications. It is the science where systems apply logical reasoning skills to sort out problems like solving quizzes, puzzles, and mathematical problems. Many cab service apps are using this feature to optimize roots and help passengers to reach their destinations quickly. Many study-based apps use this feature.
  • Task Automation: The algorithm or software in applications are flexible. Hence, they permit users or the app itself to design commands for automating different tasks and services.
  • Acts as User’s Personal Assistant: This is one of the most common features in any mobile. The feature obeys human instructions and hence automatically performs tasks when asked without bothering users in advance. Process like auto-updation, scheduling calendar and many more are good examples of implementation of AI in mobile app development.
  • Voice Recognition: It is an advanced feature introduced in mobile apps. It has adds up to the security system in a mobile app. There are many banks that use voice recognition to identify users to unlock app and it increases security in transactions. It also save users from creating extra set of credentials.

Hacking apps that are protected with voice recognition is difficult.

AI will continue to play a vital role in building better mobile apps. Enterprises and businesses are adopting intelligent apps and trying to build smarter mobile applications out of them that can serve users in ways.

They are hiring the best app Development Company Make an Inquiry about this news to develop the most user friendly mobile app that is powered with artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that sooner more AI enabled mobile apps are going to knock our doors with better possibilities and features. 

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