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5 questions startups should ask before they hire a mobile app developer

Building a mobile app could be one of the most important technology investments Startups make so you can't afford to go wrong in it. These are the question that Startups need to ask before they hire a mobile app developer.


“I wanna build an app” - a common phrase that we often listen from the startups who come to us. We love these guys. Full of new ideas, mostly they have ideas that are upright to solve the customer’s pain point.

But the pain point of these startups lies in the fact that they know what they want to build, but cannot figure out the best partner to build it. When the time comes to hire a mobile app developer - they trip.

Usually here a web and mobile app development company Make an Inquiry about this news can actually come to their rescue.

So how companies like us assist a startup if they wish to hire mobile application developers? Well, it is quite easy. Companies like us follow a simple blueprint.

We have a series of question that we expect from our startup client. If we satisfy our startupreneurs with proper answers, we bag the project.

Would you like to know what startups ask a web and mobile app development company before leveraging the project?

The most common question startups have is whether they should hire their own developer to make an app or outsource it to a freelancer or an app development company. But let me tell you there’s no right answer.

What works for one startup may not work for another.

This is where the right amount of expertise, experience and reputation comes. As they spend a large chunk of their  business fund on an app developer, it is important to make that it worth the investment.

Here are the questions they ask us before they hire our web and mobile app developer.

1. Can I see the apps that you’ve already built?

The best indicator for a web and mobile app development company’s expertise is the actual experience and Make an Inquiry about this news they have build  in the development process. It’s simple, what you see in the future is what you’ve seen in the past.

Before they hire a mobile app developer, they make sure to take a close look at their past work through portfolios, case studies and even live apps. This is one of the best ways to know  if they’ll get a good return on their  investment.

2. What are your recognitions, rewards and client references?

Before a startup  hire a mobile app developer, they look up how reputed and well recognised they are in the  industry. They check  if they have been rewarded or recognised Make an Inquiry about this news by online ranking organizations, media and magazines, PR.

Talking with past clients gives them  insight on how the company handled the relationship throughout the process.

Read more such questions here: Make an Inquiry about this news

3. What is your approach towards design principles while building an app?

Without great UI and UX, an  app will suffer from a lack of users and popularity. Since Android and Apple apps account for approximately 5 million unique apps altogether Make an Inquiry about this news, one of the best ways to make an  app stand out is superior design and UX.

for every web and mobile app developer  USP lies in creating an aesthetically appealing app that stands for its incredible user interface and experience.

You can check our Dribbble Make an Inquiry about this news or Behance Make an Inquiry about this news account to understand how we stay competitive with razor-sharp designs.

4. Do you offer long-term app maintenance and support?

Launching an app is half the job done. But there  are always minor glitches and bugs that we come to know after the app is released and needs technical changes.

A leading web and mobile app development company like ours offer FREE 3 months of bug support Make an Inquiry about this news to ensure that the startups are not put in a hard position two or three weeks after launch.  

5. Do I own the code?

Ideally, the startup client  will be the owner of the app, but it’s safe to confirm that they own all the rights of the app after its completed. Discuss this in the very beginning of your conversation.

A copyright agreement or a related contract, which should institute confidentiality of app idea, app design, content and source code. It must not be shared with any other third-party by the company/developer.


App building takes expertise, creativity and cohesion. If you need quality and speed, it’s best to partner with a professional in the early stages of planning, launching and growing your digital product.

Are you planning an app? What’s been your biggest hurdle? We’d love to hear from you. 

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