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10 tips for a better UX design for your mobile apps

Mobile app development is rapidly evolving and has lots to offer to the users of today. Thriving in your mobile business, you must go beyond simply ‘providing services.’ Your mobile app needs to accomplish two important goals- first, to keep the end-user engaged and second, to solve a real-time problem.

Focusing on the first one in this article, user experience design is directly related to the traffic you generate on your app and finally convert them into loyal customers. When it comes to retention, users must love the in-app experience or they’ll abandon you forever.

Personalization can enrich the mobile UX in several ways. Similarly, there are numerous other ways to improve your mobile app’s UX design.

Even though the designs vary from app to app, there are few fundamentals that apply to every mobile app out there. Read through our list of top 10 tips that will help you deliver an optimal user experience- a smooth UX from the very first second a user downloads your app.

#1 Prioritize what’s important

Nothing is more annoying for a new user than a mobile app design that is overloaded with features. When users are confused as to where should they click or what should they choose to achieve their purpose, whatever you’ve done to develop the app until now is a waste.

A full-featured app is a crap. Seriously! So, you need to constantly prioritize what’s more important to show it to the users- few nice-to-have features- not straying from the core purpose of your business app.

#2 Appeal to user’s emotions

While some love bright backgrounds, others love it the pastel way. We completely empathize with your predicament that you can’t make everyone happy.

But yes, you can bring most of them on a common platform by creating an eye-catching, unique mobile app design with the perfect blend of colors meaningful to the theme of your app. It’s all about user’s emotions.

For instance, a gaming buff will love to see a thrilling, colorful interface while that booking a cab would love to see something plain and simple so that they can easily book a ride. Look for opportunities where you can design for positive emotions like joy and delight because they result in prompt actions by your users.

#3 Take the role of your user

There is no fixed rule for designing your app, but a good mobile app design always immerses in the demographics you’re designing for. You have to live the user experience while you’re designing it, making sure the app runs well in all scenarios and identifying the pain points that a real user will face.

Sometimes, actual experience matters more than anything else.

#4 Say no to goals that don’t fit

Not everything will work for your app. What works for Uber may not work for Airbnb.

Same applies to your business/enterprise app. Establish your goals early during mobile app development and filter things that don’t go with your app.

This approach may take you through unexpected courses but finally, will lead to a successful app story.

#5 Keep it lite

Load times of your app screens play a major role in the life of the time-crouched user of today. Your audience is impatient, especially when you deal with millennials.

On an average, an app that takes more than 5 seconds to load a screen is shunned immediately. Keeping the load time in mind, always push for liter apps that have optimized images and content so that you can minimize the load times.

#6 ‘Less is more’ is your secret sauce

Besides an engaging interface, another direction that promises more traffic on your app is a simplistic design. Over-design is a disaster; your users don’t want to put an extra effort in visualizing, comprehending and taking an action.

Focus on the simplicity of the design with fewer controls, fewer graphics and less content. Build the app around your core objectives.

#7 Use text labels wherever needed

In the race of being minimalist, designers make some major aesthetic mistakes. For instance, using icons instead of text labels everywhere on your app is a bad idea.

Not everytime a visual metaphor is obvious or enough for the user to understand what the icon says. To bring the clarity in the mobile app design, make your interface easily understandable.

Use the traditional text labels instead of icons wherever needed.

#8 High-quality execution

A sharp focus on functionality and high-resolution images are the keys to a polished UX design. All the groundbreaking things that your app can do are driven by the various steps you follow before launching the app.

Follow the Human Interface Guidelines, test and retest your code, put a limit to your feature-set and make sure everything works really well on the app before finally deploying it on the app stores.

#9 Validate your hypothesis

Involve the real users in your mobile app development as early as you can. Release the beta version of your app so that a large group of users can try it under real conditions and you receive the feedback.

Verify if your idea makes sense in the real world and always be curious to know the real users’ opinions about your app. You’ll improve for the better.

#10 The Thumb- rule

We bet most of you don’t consider the physical behavior, gesture and touch of a user while app designing. Essentially, a mobile app designer needs to understand how a user holds the mobile and applies hand gestures.

Don’t forget you have both right-handed and left-handed users; your app’s interface should value this. Menu bar on the bottom of the screen is more convenient than the top.

Open your favorite apps on your phone including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and you’ll see the menu elements (clickable icons) at the bottom. Similarly, circular flows are better than linear ones.

Therefore, it’s advised to keep the important elements towards the bottom of the screen.

Learn more about improving your mobile app UX design in 2018. Read our blog post explaining rapi…etter mobile apps and get in touch with our expert designers.


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