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10 Indian women running app based enterprise

Even though the ratio of women in the world is less, they does not don't give up and refuse to take no for an answer because they aren't any different which can't be just proven by raising a voice at a debate but by achieving something.


The mobile app development company laid opportunities for many hidden entrepreneurs and creating awareness among women made them rise above and do their thing. So here are top 10 women who are the boss of the app you use.

* Manisha Rai Singhani: Co-founder and CTO of LogiNext

LogiNext is a technology solution provider to the companies for an optimizing and tracking operations. Manisha Rai Singhani co-founded this company with her batchmate and has been doing good by saving 7-10 % of logistics cost for the companies, no wonder companies wouldn't signup for this.

The glimpse of her work can be witnessed in the Logistic mobile app named LogiNext track next which helps the company track delivery routing and even suggests the delivery person which vehicle to prefer for the route. The logistic app development company might be bringing the logistic apps for the business but LogiNext has up against the game by being the best.

* Suchi Mukherjee: Founder and CEO of Limeroad

Limeroad is an e-commerce business for the lifestyle which not only products you a display of million products to choose from but also aligns a perfect dress setup for the day. The CEO started her own e-commerce site in the late 30s and early 40s and has flourished the business superbly and is awarded as the woman of the year in digital business by Infocom in the year 2015

* Sharadha Sharma: Founder and Chief Editor of Your story

Your story is a technology platform in media for entrepreneurs and is the biggest platform for the entrepreneurs to share their stories and make launches through an online platform. The company started in 2008 with a masters in history girl who was 27 years old when she started and now the media platform is a known name.

* Richa Kar: Founder and CEO of

In a country where talking about intimate care is a taboo even with your family has a woman who founded an online portal for women to pick their fit without hesitating the male sales boy at the shop and cruel aunties giving a tuff look. She started off in 2011 from a small office space and now has an audience all over the country enhancing the experience for average women to shop.

* Swati Bhargava: Co-founder of CashKaro

Swati Bhargava is another social media influencer in the based business CashKaro, it is an online cashback and coupon site funded by Mr. Ratan Tata and Kalaari Capital and has been a successful investment since then.

Coming up with an app for this startup is a challenge for mobile commerce app development sector.

* Aditi Gupta: Co-founder of menstrupedia

Coming up with this application would have been a challenge for the education app developer as the mensuration is another taboo in the country and having a manual discussing the healthy habits while menstruating can be punishable for teen girls among the elders but Aditi Gupta is only concerned about the good health of women and aims to help them be aware of the biological changes and have the knowledge to deal with it. She founded an amazing way for educating it through a comic attire of the information which as been accepted by the women in the country.

* Shivani Siroya: Inventure

Inventure is a software solution provider to manage the no credit scores for the financial analysis of the small companies and the company gives loan through an online platform without any infrastructure. The company has already approved 6000 loans in 2014 with the software solution.

Shivani Siroya witnessed this problem of financial crises for small-scale enterprise while she was working at investment banks and took the responsibility to solve it and succeed indeed.

* Kanika Tekriawal: CEO and Founder of JetSetGo

Kanika after fighting cancer became even strong and indulged herself in the making of JetSetGo, a company which rents charter planes and the idea is unthinkable but Kanika has been associated with the aviation industry and couldn't stand the tradition of brokers trying to hike the prices due to minimum availability of charter planes and proper method of renting a small plane to travel. The girl fought the odds and came up with a JetSetGo for the people to afford the seats at a reasonable price.

* Pranshu Bhandari: Culture Alley

Culture Alley is a mobile learning app development company which provides interactive visual and audio lessons top understands the concept deeply and gather the knowledge smartly and Pranshu Bhandari is a co-founder of this language learning company which has recently come up with Hello English app.

* Nidhi Aggarwal: CEO and founder of kaaryah

Nidhi Aggarwal is not a fashionista but a woman with the business brain and came up with Kaaryah a technology and consumer data-driven venture to uplift the women western brands which go unnoticed even though they have excellent products.

The successful women are the backbone of a developed country and India in spite of severe national issues have these women as an example for the ladies who need explore their full potential as the knowledge can be gained from the mobile phones present in every house and mobile apps are the future source for all sort of information. Fluper is the top-rated mobile app development company in India which provides the best apps for your business idea.

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